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By: Eric Michael (University of Miami)

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At college you want your room to be as cool as it can possibly be. You want people to walk into your room and say “damn, that person has an awesome room.” One way to make sure you have the sickest room is to cover the walls with posters. So here are five posters you should have hanging on your walls.

5. Famous Art Poster

Nowadays every poster website sells famous art knock-offs. So if you want a Van Gogh, you can get one. If you want a Picasso, get a Picasso. A poster like this will add a little bit of class to your room and make you seem very cultured.

4. A College Team Poster

This may be more decorated at the bigger schools, but most schools have a poster of their teams with a picture of the team and a schedule on it. They are free, so pick one up, hang it on your wall, and show your school spirit.

3. A Movie Poster

Whatever movie you like, you should have a poster hanging from your wall. Whether it’s the movie poster from Superbad, or the rules for wedding crashing from Wedding Crashers, these posters always find a way to give your room some individuality.

2. Sexy Poster

Honestly what guy would mind waking up to a half-naked girl every morning? Or what girl would mind having a guy with a six-pack staring back at her? There’s nothing wrong with spicing up your room with a little sexiness.

1.Motivational Poster

Who doesn’t like a good motivational poster that says “Teamwork,” with two guys carrying their drunk friend home. If people laugh at what you have on your walls then it can be considered a room well-decorated.

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