5 Pros and Cons of Choosing an Art Major

Choosing a major in college may be one of the most daunting tasks you have faced so far in your life. It can be overwhelming to try and decide what you want to do for your career and working years. Many who are artistically inclined dream of pursuing an art degree and fulfilling the “love what you do” mantra. Included here are a few of the pros and cons of going into art.

Pros of Pursuing an Art Major:

1) Love What You Do

Everyone wants a career that is both fulfilling and pays well. While careers in art can be hit or miss, you are nearly guaranteed to enjoy your job. If you are lucky enough to be successful doing freelance artwork and graphic design, you can literally choose your own hours and work only when you want to.

2) Help People

The benefits of art therapy are on the rise and have recently become more widely accessible. Choosing a career as an art therapist will allow you to help people of all ages while doing what you are passionate about. Park West Gallery recently wrote an article exposing the fact that art therapy has been proven to delay or prevent the effects of dementia while also helping older patrons grow new brain cells. If that doesn’t sound rewarding to you, you might need your brain cells counted!

Cons of Pursuing an Art Major:

1) Lack of Job Security

The job prospectives for an art major can be hit or miss. You may be comfortable becoming a high school art teacher or working at a college. However, if you choose to pursue creating art full-time, you lose a lot of that comfortable job security. A lot of success in the field of art depends on who you know and whether your creations are timely.

2) Creativity Required

Some jobs you can shut your brain off for and not have to work hard to live comfortably. If you genuinely choose to pursue creating art for a living you are going to be heavily dependent on your creativity and inspiration. When you hit a wall, or a block in thought processes, it can be hugely detrimental. If you are unable to work for months on end due to a feeling of being stuck in a rut, you could potentially find yourself running low on grocery and rent money.

3) Uncertain Income

If you have settled on becoming an art teacher, your income level may be fairly certain. However, many who pursue art degrees wish to continue creating art full-time. In order to be successful in that industry you must have buyers and people interested in your art. Keep in mind, nobody liked Van Gogh’s work until after he was dead.