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By: Eric Michael (University of Miami)

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If you are a member of the two thirds of the college kids starting classes this week, you are either partying in your new apartment, or finishing trying to jam everything into your car. So why should you be excited to go back to school? Here are five reasons for you to ponder…

5. New Classes

Believe it or not, the reason we are in college is to learn. Aside from all the partying, we do have to attend classes and do schoolwork. A new semester brings new classes and another to improve your GPA from the previous semester

4. Clubs/Activities

There are so many activities/clubs at your school that there is something for everybody. If you are feeling adventurous this year, go out and find a club that you thought you would never join such as the scuba diving club. Make sure you take advantage of everything college has to offer.

3. Parties

If you did any partying at home, I guarantee it won’t compare to the parties that you will go to this semester. Returning to the college partying scene will invoke memories of the semesters past and all the crazy nights  you had.

2. Fresh Meat

There are so many attractive people in college these days that seeing the same people everyday can be boring. But as with a new year there comes a new freshman class, and more people for you to meet. So go out and check out the new freshman class and see what they have to offer.


Unless you are a member of a select few people, the odds you saw all your college friends this summer are pretty unlikely. Now that everyone is back you get to spend the next four months will them partying on the weekends, and pulling all nighters in the library together.

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