5 Reasons You Might Want to Shift to E-Cigarettes

Millions of people around the world are finding it more and more difficult to enjoy a smoke. Bars, restaurants, and other public spaces where smoking is permitted have become hard to find.

So how can you enjoy a cigarette with your cup of coffee or a beer? Recent technological advances have produced the solution to that problem: e-cigarettes.

Mobility isn’t the only advantage they have over conventional cigarettes. Read on to learn about five ways that e-cigarettes are improving the lives of smokers everywhere.

1. No “offensive” smell

One of the main reasons cigarettes have been banned in the first place is that many people find their smell disagreeable. The new electronic versions produce water vapor instead of smoke and so they not have a bad odor.

Not only is there is there no smell in the air, you don’t have odors that cling to furniture, clothing, or drapes either. Homes, cars and offices retain a fresh and pleasant scent.

2. You save money

No one can deny that smoking is a costly hobby. The average smoker in the US will spend between $1500 and $3300 a year on cigarettes. Those who switch to the new version often save up to 20%.

3. No risk of fire

Every year, between 700 and 900 American citizens are killed as a result of fires caused by cigarettes. Most are caused by a cigarette that has been forgotten or dropped after being lit.

Despite giving off the traditional glow at the tip, e-cigarettes carry no risk of fire, so they’re a far safer choice for smoking around the home.

4. Greatly reduce your risk of cancer

Tobacco smoke contains dozens of chemicals, and, as the packs constantly remind us, those chemicals carry a risk of cancer. The water vapor in e-cigarettes contains only a trace amount of those chemicals, which are present as a byproduct of the process of extracting the nicotine from tobacco. Those traces add up to 1/1400 the quantity found in traditional cigarette smoke.

5. Say “so long!” to smoking bans

For those of us who miss the freedom of enjoying a smoke while strolling through a public space or wrapping up a meal with friends, e-cigarettes allow us to reconnect with that nostalgic feeling.

No longer will smokers be the victims of dirty looks and feigned coughs from other people when they go out in public. Check out this list to find out where smoking bans exist around the world so you’ll know just how many more places an e-cigarette user can go.