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5 Smart Tips About How and Where to Eat in Austin

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The local flavor and atmosphere in Austin is unlike anywhere else in Texas. You simply cannot skip the food scene the next time you are in this city. One of the best clues to the nature of the capital of Texas is that its unofficial motto is to keep the city weird.

It’s a diverse city — the fourth largest in the state — and the locals like the rest of the world to know that this is one city that isn’t afraid to think outside the box. The food scene makes that clear. Read on to learn about five of the most important tips regarding your Austin dining experience.

1. Good pizza isn’t hard to find

One of the biggest challenges facing the Austin food scene has long been the absence of truly great pizza. In recent years, however, the opening of Bufalina’s Pizza has introduced this eclectic city to amazing hot pies.

Using a simple menu that consists of five Italian pizza recipes, and simple but decadent appetizers and salads, there’s nothing fancy or flashy about this Austin pizzeria. But the fact that you won’t see an empty seat in the house no matter when you show up speaks highly of the fact that making time to eat pizza here is one of the best dining tips you’ll get.

2. Food trucks are hot

One of the biggest trends in dining to hit Austin has been the growing number of food trucks around the city. One tip you’ll need when traveling to the capital is that if you see a food truck, stop for a bite.

You’ll find food trucks in Austin to suit every palate, from sophisticated and vegan to hardcore meat lovers and ethnic choices you might never have encountered before. Grab a seat in the park or on a bench, because you’ll need to sit down for this meal.

3. BBQ is always king

You can’t come to Austin without a stop for BBQ, which is, after all, king in Texas. The best advice you’ll get when it comes to finding the best BBQ in the city is to head straight for the Pit BBQ. Wear your casual clothes and come hungry.

After an encounter with authentic down-home cooking and real Texas BBQ, you’ll leave wondering if it’s possible your pants could get any tighter. Real Texas BBQ is hard to find anywhere else in the country, and the people in Austin know how much the rest of the world wants a piece of it.

4. Tradition wins every time

Here’s a tip: When you’re eating in Austin, an authentic Texas-style meal is something you have to try. No matter what your personal taste, a visit to the Frisco is in order. It’s your run-of-the-mill greasy spoon restaurant with a real Texas menu and even a waitress that’s been on staff longer than your mother has been alive.

5. Party time

You might plan on hosting a party in Texas, and that means you’ll need to know what to serve and how to make the party interesting. Real southern food is always a plus; hiring food trucks to come sit in your driveway is another popular approach these days.

What really makes a party memorable, however, is a great band. The best party bands are the ones that can cover the songs everyone knows while getting them on their feet and on the dance floor.

Austin is a city with a great deal of diversity. What this means is that you can’t come here and expect upscale, high-end restaurants for every meal. When you come to Austin, prepare for casual meals, down-home cooking, and traditional Texas favorites.


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