By: Eric Michael (University of Miami)

Every girl says that they wish their boyfriend knew certain things about them. They don’t like to go out on Thursdays, or they wish their boyfriend would bring them soup when they’re sick. But girls never seem to communicate these things to us, so we don’t know them. But what about the things that guys say they wish their girlfriends knew about them? Here’s a list of five things guys wish girls knew about them.

1. You Don’t Always Have to Dress Up for Us.

Drake said it best, “sweatpants, hair tied, chillin’ with no make up on.  That’s when you’re the prettiest.”  Girls feel the need to dress up and look all fancy even when it’s just a simple night out such as going bowling, or staying in and watching a movie.  We are going to love you for you, not because you look like you are ready to go South Beach every night.  Many guys will admit a girl in a t-shirt and sweatpants with their hair in a ponytail is very sexy.  Girls need to realize if you have us, there is no need to dress to impress.

2. We Can’t Read Your Minds. If there is something wrong, just tell me so I can fix it. Guys hate it when girls act all moody because something is bothering them.  We hate seeing our girls upset, especially when we don’t know what the problem is.  If you let us know what it is, we can try to figure out a plan to fix it. The sooner you tell us, the faster we can make it better.

3. We Like Being Appreciated. If I pick you up from a party that you were at because you were having a shitty time, thank me.  If I bring you soup when you are sick, just say thanks.  We will do these things for you anyway because we care, but we want to feel appreciated.  No guy wants to leave his girl saying, “why do I even bother, she doesn’t care about me.”  Trust me, it goes a long way with us.  Even if you don’t say thank you that night, shoot me a text the next day thanking me.  It lets me know that you are just as grateful for me as I am for you.

4. We Don’t Always Have to go Out. Some of the most romantic nights are the ones where we cuddle and watch a movie.  As much as I hate chick flicks, some of them are not too bad once you can see the humor in them.  I want to go out and show you off to the world, but staying in and curling up with a movie can be just as romantic as a dinner at a fancy restaurant.

5. We Need a “It’s That Time of the Month” Free Pass as Well. When a girl is in a bad mood, it’s often chalked up to the fact that it’s that time of the month.  But if a guy is in a bad mood it’s almost like the world is about to end because we’re not allowed to be moody.  We get stressed out as well and sometimes it gets the better of us and it puts us in a mood.  It’s nothing you did, but we need our space sometimes.

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