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5 Things You Should Know Before Starting College

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College life is something lots of us dream of fulfilling, but almost no one actually sees their next four years for what it will really be like.  Most college freshmen have no idea what they will encounter during their first semester of the next level of education.

As most college graduates would tell you, there are a few little pieces of information that would have probably made life much easier had they known prior to starting college.  Do your best to get ahead of the game, and check out a brief peek of the inside information every college student wishes they knew freshman year.

Never buy your books brand new from the school’s bookstore

Acquiring your books each semester is a journey all in itself.  The one thing you should always remember is to never buy your books brand new from the campus bookstore.  Bookstore books are always overpriced.

There are several reputable websites online that offer book services to students.  Sites like and are excellent for grabbing up your school books in an affordable fashion.  

Parking is always a challenge

Taking your car to college isn’t a terrible idea, but you probably shouldn’t plan to drive it to class every morning.  Parking is always a challenge, and there are far too many scenarios that could result in the use of a towing service.  

Instead, become familiar with the area’s public transportation.  Campus transportation is also likely to be an option.

Paying for a campus parking pass can cost a thousand dollars or more per year.  Buy a bike or walk yourself to class to combat the infamous “freshman fifteen,” and save your money for something more useful.  

Get to know

As a freshman, (unless you already know someone who attends the college) you have no idea which professors are most well known for their excellence.  If you really want to know which teachers to choose as you register for classes, get to know the power of  

RateMyProfessor allows unknowing students to see what others have experienced with a certain professor before choosing them as a future teacher and mentor.  Search professors by name, and read through a long listing of critiques from former students.

Register as early as possible

Register for classes as early as possible.  There may be a slew of hurdles to jump before all the paperwork is in order for you to begin attending classes, so make sure to give yourself enough time to deal with these issues.

Also, you give yourself a better shot of choosing the schedule that best fits your needs.  Those who register late have to choose from what is left after all the other students have picked through the classes offered.  


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