5 Tips for Healthy Hair Care During College

In today’s fast paced society, college co-eds are feeling most of the burn. From hectic class schedules and on-campus events to a bustling social life, it can be hard for them to find the time needed to take care of themselves.

But with a little planning, college gals can have the luscious, shiny tresses that they see on all of their favorite models and movie stars. Here are five tips for keeping your hair healthy during your co-ed years.

Go Light on the Washing

We know that many people are guilty of washing their locks daily, but that extra cleaning can actually take a toll on your hair’s health. Not only does it get rid of dirt and grease, but washing regularly strips your hair of its essential natural oils that keep it gorgeous. Experts recommend washing your hair two or three times a week to keep a healthy balance.

Chill Out

In the winter time, standing under a steaming hot shower feels oh-so good. Yet the scalding water can do terrible damage to your mane, taking away volume and drying it out. During the cold season, wash your hair with lukewarm water and during the scalding summer months, treat yourself to a cool shower.

Protect Yourself

If you regularly blow dry your hair or use a flat iron or curling iron, remember to protect it from the heat by using a heat protectant spray. The high temp tools can wreak havoc on your tresses, so spray the solution onto damp hair before styling. If you also spend a lot of time outside on campus and in the sun, douse your hair with protectant or wear a cute sun hat to protect locks from the harsh UV rays. These solutions also protect against frizz and help your hair to look sleek.

Dread the Dreads

Never, ever try turning your hair into dreadlocks by back combing and using bees wax. Not only can dreadlocks ruin your hair, but you can grow mold inside the locks if not cared for properly. Nobody wants that – ew!

Air Dry

After you wash your hair, give it a break from all of the heating tools you tend to use and allow your mane to air dry. This method is super healthy for your hair. Be sure to allow it to dry fully before going outside. If it is cold out, your hair can freeze, dry out, or break. Also, deep condition your locks once a week to keep them looking full and fab.

Keeping your hair healthy during college is as simple as washing it three times a week, protecting it, air drying it, and going easy on the heating tools.

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