5 Tips to Perfect Your Work-From-Home Morning Routine

Working from home is amazing in many ways. No commute, you can get ready in record time, and you don’t even have to dress up. Many workers are reporting more productivity than ever because they can work from home.

However, getting started on the right foot is not always easy. It’s tempting to sleep in and then barely get to your workstation by starting time. Having a good work-from-home morning routine can make a big difference.

What’s the best approach? It’s important to create a routine using elements that work well for you. Here are some options that you can use to build the perfect morning routine.

Set a Strong Bedtime

The best routine starts the night before. No one can be productive or consistent if they aren’t getting enough sleep. That means your perfect morning routine works best when you have a strong bedtime and stick to it.

Don’t short yourself, either. Very few people can do well with less than 7-9 hours of sleep on a consistent basis. That means if you want to get up at 7 am, you need to be in bed by 11 pm. When you make this a priority, you’ll also start getting up at the same time each morning. That makes it much easier to stick to a morning routine!

Start With Some Movement

Many people think immediately about meditation or reading as the first element of their morning routines, but the truth is you need to get some blood flowing right away. Otherwise, you’ll remain tired, and it will be hard to resist falling back to sleep.

Don’t feel like you have to “work out” in some official, high-stress way. Just get some movement in so your blood is flowing. For example, do some jumping jacks, pushups, or even dance to a couple of your favorite songs. Moving around will help you wake up and feel more energized in the morning.

Center Yourself

To get a strong start on your day, it’s important to center yourself and your emotions so that you can prepare for the day ahead. Some people use this time to meditate, pray, read, or journal. However you choose to do it, take some time to review your priorities for the day and get ready to dive in.

When your emotions and spirit are in the right place, it’s much easier both to approach your work with a good attitude and to enjoy your day.

Review Your Finances

Before you dive into your day, take some time to review your finances, so you know where everything stands. It’s important to know what bills are clearing today, what your bank balance is, and what you’re expecting to pay in the upcoming week.

You might decide to schedule some time for reducing your bills, like calling your internet provider and asking for a less expensive package, or looking for better rates on your car insurance.  As an example Freeway Insurance reviews are great and you can contact them for a quote for cheaper car and home insurance.  Lower bills can take a lot of stress off you.

Knowing where you stand financially each day will make many decisions easier.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Once you’ve gotten some movement in your day, centered yourself, and reviewed finances, it’s time to eat a healthy breakfast so you can have the energy you need to get through the workday.

If you aren’t hungry early, consider a protein bar or a small snack. Don’t try to get by on coffee alone! Or, make some scrambled eggs and toast or something else quick and easy. The goal is to get some protein and carbs so you can focus.

With a healthy breakfast, you’ll make better food choices throughout the day, too!

What Does Your Morning Look Like?

If you don’t have a strong morning routine, these tips can help you create one. Think about how you want to feel at the start of your day, and then take on those activities that can help you stay alert and focused.

Usually, people are looking to feel energized, calm, and intent on their goals. A great work-from-home morning routine can get you into that space. Once you’re there, your workday will go more smoothly and productively!

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