Being out of college, I’m finding more and more about the dating scene post-college and reflecting back on my dating life during school. Five distinct type of guys I know came to mind and they each hit five different categories.

I wish I knew this stuff while I was in college to warn my fellow cohorts, but I definitely know that the girls coming up as I was leaving school were a little smarter and more decisive when choosing their guy. Anyway, here’s my list of the 5 types of guys college women don’t want:

1. The Nice Guy

They’re so sweet and kind – which is why most women wouldn’t date them. Guy have ruined so many potential life-long friendships (or future dating prospects) because they dated someone at the wrong time. Plus, how can you trust someone so nice and forthcoming when you’ve inevitably been screwed over by the nice guy in the past?

2. The Over-Loving Guy

I don’t know what it is about these types of guys. Did they watch too many movies growing up? Do mommy-issues screw up their expectations of a relationship? Did they (gasp) read trashy romance novel of 20XX to try and “figure out” what women want? Whatever the problem is, I know that women get really tired of constantly getting “Good morning sweetheart” and “Good night, I love you” texts.

3. The Skirt Chaser

These guys can’t make up their minds about what they want, so they try really hard with every girl who catches their eye. They seem great leading up to progressing the relationship (because they’ve done it dozens of times before), but they move quick and will leave them if given the chance.

4. The Hard Worker

Studious and serious types aren’t interesting because there’s never a chance they’ll make you their first priority. Or second. Or third! A girl will get more texts asking to reschedule a date than you’ll get actual face time with these workaholics, so you might as well leave them where you found them – the library.

5. The Shy Loner

Let’s face it – charisma in college gets you a long way. While these guys seem complicated and interesting (and probably good-looking), they’re probably moody and distrustful and can use a good dating coach. Or, they’ll latch onto a girl because they don’t know when the next one will come along. Either way, don’t be this type if possible.

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