5 Ways Students and Teens Can Add Wall Prints To Their Room Décor

Teenagers’ and students’ rooms can be one of the most challenging rooms to decorate. It doesn’t matter if they are 14 or above 18. Teenagers and students within the age range often have many feelings and imaginations to convey. So, they look out for every opportunity to let out their feelings, including their rooms’ arrangements and decorations.

First off, you would want to ensure that the decoration style suits their interest and appeal to them. It must also be versatile enough to accommodate the teens’ growth and flow nicely with other décors around the home. Integrating all these into a single design might be somewhat tasking.

But do you know you can beat these hassles with ease? Consider adding wall prints to teenagers’ and students’ room decorations! Wall prints are flexible and versatile. They allow you to customize the space while soothing teenagers’ interests.

There are tons of wall prints to choose from in various art galleries. The problem is not limited to options with choice. The actual challenge is how to figure out the suitable wall prints for teenagers and how to add them to the room décor.

So, in this simple guide, you will learn about five effective ways to add wall prints to teenagers’ and students’ rooms.

  • Use Wall Prints To Create Depth

You might not get the desired décor depth when trying to keep the design simple. But you don’t have to beat yourself too hard. The suitable wall prints will help create depth and add deep meanings to your teen room’s design. The wall prints you use can redefine the room without any hassle. You can even add more than a single wall print pattern.

  • Curate and Organize A Cool Art Display

Another great option of adding wall prints to teenager’s rooms is creating a mini gallery. Make no mistake; you are not trying to overcrowd the room’s wall with prints. But you can add two or three wall prints that blend well. You can create a mini-story or narrative with these prints.

  • Transform Teens’ Wanderlust Into Wall Prints

Teens and students often have loads of imaginations. One of the best things you can do is transform this imagination or wonder lust into wall prints. It can give them the feeling and impression that their imagination is becoming a reality.

Consider wall prints like world maps, wildlife, science inventions, etc. You will find some of the best canvas photo prints to suit this intention.

  • Use Wall Prints To Add A Grown-Up Twist

The transition of kids into teenagers might not be as rapid as you think. It is best not to rush them and make the transition as easy and passive as possible. The kid room décor does not have to change in its entirety.

You can retain some aspects of a kid’s room (especially for teenage girls) but add a twist of maturity with the wall prints. Choose wall prints that show elements of adulthood.

  • Create Colors with Wall Prints In A Neutral Room

The standard designs in teenagers’ and students’ rooms are neutral (except for a few that love colors). There is absolutely nothing wrong with maintaining a neutral color design. In fact, it can give you one of the best looks. But if you have to spice it with exciting colors, wall prints are good ways to go.

Most wall paints are made with beautiful colors that can spice a neutral room. You can select print options with colors that complement that rooms’ existing design.


You don’t need to undergo a relationship meltdown with teens or yourself to create a suitable decoration. You can use wall prints and as much flexibility as your teens’ and student’s room design. There are tons of wall prints available for you to choose from.

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