5 Ways To Make The Dean’s List And Stay There

Making the Dean’s List is an astute goal for college students.  Only the top percentage of students (based on academic performance) make the cut, and an even smaller proportion of those stay on the list throughout their education.  

The requirements for making the Dean’s List varies depending on the institution you attend, but it typically requires students to keep a high grade point average.  Here are a few tools to get (and keep) your name on the Dean’s List at your school.

Organization could save the world

Organization may seem like a tedious concept to adopt, but it will make a difference.  Admittedly, organization probably cannot save the world, but it will save your education.  

College can be an overwhelmingly busy time in your life, and it can get pretty hard to keep all your due dates and obligations in order.  Get a planner, and use it.  

Be ridiculously organized.  The act of organizing your notes and things will help you to build a more significant connection to the material.  

Take advantage of every moment

The hustle and bustle of college life leaves little time for chill.  To make a more efficient use of every moment, drag your textbooks along.  When you have some downtime, read and study.  

The doctor’s office makes you wait, so study.  When you can obtain audiobooks, it is even more convenient to bring your studies along for the ride.  

Do not hesitate to ask questions

In life and in college, it pays to ask questions.  The old saying still stands true, “No question is a stupid question.”  Probing your professor for more information will not only help you gain a more thorough grasp on the material, it will get you participation points with the teacher.  

Professors award students that actively engage themselves in learning.  Typically, participation is even a part of your overall grade.  

Learn how you learn best

Everyone has their own style of learning.  Some of us learn best by hearing the material.  Some people are visual learners, and some of us need to physically interact with something to get the point.  

Whatever the case may be, you should learn your learning style.  There are plenty of different quizzes online to test your way of learning.  Take advantage of those free tools, and use the information they provide to your advantage when you study.  

Show up to every class session

Attendance is crucial.  If you are not in class, you will miss something.  That is a certainty.  Also, some professors award perfect attendance with a pass on the final exam.  

They hold the belief that if you participate in every single meeting, then you most likely learned the material to the highest degree.  Capitalize on the attendance perks.  You will not be sorry.