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By: Eric Michael (University of Miami)

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We all know that guys are very good at pissing off girls.  It is a talent we have and one we will say we are proud of.  Now do you want to piss off a girl?  Well here are five ways to do that.

drunk texting girl

#5 Way To Piss A Girl Off – Text Only

Girls still want guys to call them even though we are in a digital age where our lives are spent sending BBM’s and Facebook messages.  But a girl still wants a guy to call her once in a while, and if you don’t, you will hear about it.

#4 Way To Piss A Girl Off – Only Call When You’re Drunk

So a girl yells at you for not calling her, and then you do call her after you’ve had a few drinks and she gets mad at you.  I thought the whole thing was that it’s the thought that counts?

Calling Girl

#3 Way To Piss A Girl Off – Text Her 3 Months Later

Hey so remember that girl you met at that party last weekend and you said you’d call her but you forgot what you put her in your phone as.  Well when you do decide to call her three months later, she’s not exactly going to jump right into your arms again.

#2 Way To Piss A Girl Off – Don’t Make Any Effort

Girls want you to make a effort and show them that you care.  Even a bootycall wants to feel loved and appreciated for what she does, so go out and be nice so you don’t get yelled at later on.

#1 Way To Piss A Girl Off – The Booty Call

If you have a solid booty call and she is good with what she is to you, then my gosh you might just be the luckiest man in the world.  Most girls though hate it when you text them late at night when you are horny and trying to get some.  So send this text with caution my friends.

Booty Call

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