5 Ways to Save Space in Your Work Space

Every handyman, hobbyist, crafter, and professional knows this feeling well – not being able to locate the right tool can be a major headache, especially if it is needed right away. Searching through piles of equipment is not an efficient use of one’s time. Make sure to get the job done by having an organized work shed. Here are five tips on maximizing storage space in a work shed.

1. Pegboards

There is nothing like walking into a shed, spotting the perfect tool for a job, and then plucking it off the wall. Pegboards with custom hangers allow one to maximize their wall space and store a variety of hand tools for easy access. These hanging fixtures are ideal for lighter, frequently used tools. Avoid hanging very heavy items, as it may damage a pegboard setup.

2. Tool chests

The metal, rolling storage units can come in handy while transporting large amounts of tools to different areas. These chests typically have several drawers built into them, so that a number of hand tools and accessories can be moved quickly from place to place. Tool chests will sometimes have a cart handle on them, making it easy to push them around a shed or garage.

3. Shelves

Shelving may be used for battery packs, toolboxes, and other unwieldy equipment that cannot be hung from a wall. Visit a hardware store and find heavy-duty shelves that can withstand a heavy weight load. While one may not have very much to store on shelves right away, items will accumulate over time. Consider placing dangerous tools or chemicals on shelves up high, to keep these items away from children or pets.

4. Work shed dimensions

While planning out work shed use, one should measure the free space and make note of it. This can help coordinate storage unit sizes while shopping for pegboards, tool chests, and other items. Will the entire space be dedicated to storage, or will there be a small workbench or desk to complete projects on?

5. Cabinets and closets

Dangerous or expensive tools may also be stored in cabinets that have locking mechanisms on their doors. This can help prevent children from putting themselves at risk. Longer items, such as brooms, vacuums, or gardening hoes shouldn’t be leaned against shed walls, as they can easily fall down and cause unnecessary clutter. Long cabinets or closets are ideal spaces to store these items, preventing them from getting in the way.