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Riding a vespa in Rome

As an aspiring world traveler, I thought it was necessary to write as my final article a bucket list for going abroad. After graduating this May, I have a one-way ticket to Europe where I plan on taking part in most, if not all, of the bullets listed below. And later on in life, I plan on taking part in everything else, so I think you should, too. Wish me luck on my adventures, and I wish you luck on yours!

Beaches of Ibiza

  1. Take ecstasy on the beaches of Ibiza, and never plan on coming back to America.
  2. Take a weed brownie and be “that high American tourist” in Amsterdam.
  3. Watch the sunset on the beaches of Croatia.
  4. Ride a moped up to the Colosseum in Rome.
  5. Take a gondola ride in Venice, and haggle your way to getting it cheaper (don’t put your hand in the water, it’s full of sewage).
  6. Ski the Swiss Alps, not because you like skiing, but just so you can say you did it.
  7. Stand atop August’s Garden in Capri, then ride a kayak to the Blue Grotto.Blue Grotto
  8. Drink until you pass out on a beach in the Greek Isles, or until you’re at least rufied by some natives.
  9. Go hiking up to a monastery in Meteora, Greece.
  10. Walk down Las Ramblas to the clubs along the water in Barcelona.
  11. Watch a “football” game in Spain or South America.
  12. Visit the Ice Bar in London, England.
  13. Relax in a hot spring in Budapest, Hungary.
  14. Go on a biking tour throughout Ireland.
  15. Go to a Carnival parade in Brazil.Brazil Carnival
  16. Go on an authentic pub crawl in Ireland, resulting in you waking up naked with an Irishman still inside you.
  17. Hike Machu Picchu in Peru.
  18. Dance the tango and hook up with some Argentinians in Argentina.
  19. Go scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.
  20. Visit the foot of Mount Everest, we all know you won’t actually climb it.
  21. Drink some sangria in Spain.
  22. Visit the pyramids in Cairo, Egypt.
  23. Drive down the Autobahn going well over 100mph, just because you can.
  24. Sky dive in New Zealand or Australia (I don’t recommend bungee jumping since they sometimes fuck with you and make it so your face hits the water, can you say broken nose?)
  25. Go Paragliding in Austria.
    Paragliding in Austria
  26. See an opera in the Budapest Opera House.
  27. Watch an authentic Mozart concerto in Austria.
  28. Climb a waterfall in Jamaica or Costa Rica.
  29. Wear a Russian hat while braving the cold in Moscow, Russia.
  30. Stand on the border of two continents in Istanbul, Turkey.
  31. Pretend you’re a connoisseur in wine country, France, but really you’ll just be that wasted American.
  32. Go to Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany.
  33. Visit the Berlin Wall in Germany, now the largest open art gallery in the world.
  34. Walk along the Great Wall of China…in China.
  35. Learn to surf on the beaches of Thailand.
  36. Float around in the Dead Sea in Israel.Dead Sea
  37. Party it up in Tel Aviv, Israel.
  38. Explore the Amazon Rainforest.
  39. Ride an elephant in India.
  40. Go on a safari tour in Africa.
  41. Go sailing in the Mediterranean Sea.
  42. See a lights show, preferably while on drugs, in Prague.
  43. Go to a nude beach in Brazil (and avoid all the men there).
  44. Pretend you’re in the “Stereo Love” music video on the island of Santorini in Greece.Santorini
  45. Have sex with an Israeli soldier in a tent in Israel.
  46. Drink Absinthe in its home country, France.
  47. See how small and not cool the Mona Lisa is at the Louvre in France.
  48. Stay in the hostel where Hostel was filmed in Czech Republic.
  49. Have sex with a native who speaks little to no English on the beaches of Spain.
  50. Attempt to hook up with a different person in each country…STDs don’t follow you home, right?
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