56 Students Summoned For Underage Drinking at Colby College


This has got to be some kind of record. I don’t know what kind of town Waterville, Maine is, but if there’s a college there, I would expect some kind of acceptance of the college lifestyle…which includes tons of drinking, sex, and widespread drug use. It’s hard to believe that these police officers have so little to do that they actually took the time to write out 56 tickets. Read on for more info.

There were a few separate incidents, but the main controversy surrounds one house party that occurred last Saturday. Here’s a quote from the Kennebec Journal:

The summonses were issued after an officer stopped a car on Gilman Street around 8 p.m. Saturday and the driver identified herself as a Colby student, according to Massey. The officer smelled alcohol on her and asked where she got it; she said she had been at the Winter Street party, Massey said. She was summoned for illegal possession of alcohol by a minor, he said.

The officer contacted the Northern Kennebec Underage Drinking Task Force to report a possible underage drinking party, Massey said. The task force is a group of area law enforcement officials, health groups and youth advocates working to prevent underage drinking and educate people about its dangers.

It’s that second paragraph that really gets my goat. They actually have an underage drinking task force? To warn students of the dangers of underage drinking? I’m sorry, but I’m pretty sure we’re a few decades out of the era of “Just Say No,” and were heading towards a new age of “You Can Do It, Just Know Your Fucking Limits, Idiot.” Apparently Maine is stuck in the 80’s.

These are the idiots responsible for the sweet rager…Thanks guys!

When the police showed up to my parties, they’d just tell us to lower the music and keep people in the backyard. I thought that was the generally accepted end result of interactions between cops and drunk college students – with the occasional exception of the kid that gets tased and tackled.

There’s one more quote you just gotta see:

“In one room they found about 18 kids and in that room was a wastebasket that they said had about a foot of vomit in it. I guess you drink till you vomit,” Massey said.

That’s real classy Colby. At least make the effort to get to a bathroom, or a bush, or something. And don’t chill around after like “yo, let’s all puke into this garbage pail, guys!”

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