6 Easy Mistakes to Avoid in Fashion in 2021

Want to become the fashion idol? You need to know the basic fashion rules which, today, are way too many! Even if you can’t remember all of them, you still can avoid some major mistakes to reach the fashion’s standard bar.

Choosing your attire wisely while finding the perfect balance is easy from Hush style however, stop making the following mistakes, and you can easily end up being the diva of your dreams.

Don’t put boundaries on yourself

One common mistake that everyone makes is being dictated by the labels. Once you enter a shop, you’re easily attracted to the section that is labelled by your gender. This shouldn’t happen. You need to find something that enhances your personality, no matter for whom it is made. Give yourself the liberty to take risks and develop a style that can speak for you loud and clear.

Play with textures and colors to your heart’s content, ultimately buying the pieces that go well together. This step will help you choose something that complements your looks and brightens up your assets in an ideal manner.

Don’t compromise on size

You need to look for the perfect fit. Try before making a purchase, especially when buying blazers or denim. Tailored pieces not only polish your personality but also add comfort to your attire. Once you own everything of the right size, you can mix and match with over-sized clothes in a fashionable manner instead of looking sloppy.

Unbalanced proportions

It is vital to have perfectly balanced proportions to support aesthetic harmony in your overall look. This can be done by choosing the clothes that fit your body shape. If you wish to add an item of oversized clothing to your attire, do this by wearing a body-fit piece. It will help you have a blank canvas to add more shapes and textures to. For example, if you’re going for a baggy top, pair it up with a tight-fitted pair of pants.

Ignoring colors

One of the most common mistakes that people make is not adding colour to a neutral attire. You need the right pop of color to accentuate your outfit stylishly. As you get familiar with a broader color range, you can play with them according to your taste and make your personal style statement.

Sticking to a single pattern or texture

Just as colors can help you develop new styles, the same can be done by playing with patterns and textures. Sticking to a single texture can be very dull, so you need to clash a variety of them to flaunt your own taste. Try out various designs to figure out what works for you the best.

Ignoring the dress code

You might want to add your personal style to any occasion, but absolutely ignoring the dress code is a major red flag. Try to go for an attire that can speak for your style while being in harmony with the gathering.

Once you start avoiding these mistakes, making fashion choices will become second nature!

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