6 Great Summer Jobs for College Students

Unless you’re riding high on a full-ride scholarship or you’ve got a massive trust fund, you’re probably paying for at least some of college yourself. This doesn’t mean you have to settle for a work-study position making minimum wage doing something you don’t care about.

Summer is the peak season to make some serious cash for college students. And you can even do something you both enjoy and which pays well. There’s a summer job our there to fit any student, and the time to start looking is now.

Just like with your love interest(s), the good ones get swiped up quickly. As you head into the first finals of the academic year, spend a little time thinking about how you want to spend your money-flush summer. It’ll be here before you know it. Here are six suggestions for great summer jobs.

1. Summer camp counselor

Perhaps the most cliched of all jobs, this actually pays pretty well; plus, you get free room, board, meals, and sometimes even health insurance. There’s also a summer camp to fit absolutely any type of counselor, from traditional camps in places that are more resort than camp to robotics camps.

The hiring season for counselors is right now, and it will look excellent on resumes.

2. Landscaping

There are two routes for landscaping: You can either become an employee (numerous businesses seek out college students during the summer) or you can go the entrepreneur road. People pay a pretty penny just to get their lawn mowed, especially in the summer when it’s BBQ season.

Plus, if you have access to something like ExMark riding mowers from your parents or a neighbor? It’s like getting paid for driving.

3. WOOF it

Technically, this isn’t a job because you don’t get paid. However, WOOFers travel around the world and get room and board in exchange for some volunteer work.

There are all types of WOOF opportunities, from volunteering at wolf sanctuaries to helping out at a sustainable farm in Costa Rica. You’ve got to have a little bit of a drifter’s heart to really enjoy this, though.

4. Internship season

Internships — of the paid variety — can actually be a lucrative little setup. The highest paying internships are usually at big corporations (but those are also very competitive) as well as government agencies.

See what your local, state, and nearby federal government offices have on deck for paid internships this coming summer. If you prefer an office to the great outdoors, this might be the ticket for you.

5. Promotional modeling

Promotional models are the people you see handing out free shots at the bars in Jose shirts, serving up food samples at supermarkets, or working the booths at the oodles-of-fun races throughout the summer.

The pay per hour is anywhere from $20-$50, so it’s easy to make a tidy profit. There are numerous agencies, and you certainly don’t need to be a “real model” to get hired.

6. Nannying/babysitting

Nannying isn’t just for high school students (or women). Parents work, so what can they do with Junior during the summer? This can be easy money if you enjoy being around children, and you might even get some flexibility with the hours and pay.

Hey, for a lot of people it’s preferable to heading to a retail job or an office. And the kid will always be up for ice cream, all types of games, playing at the park, or heading to the local swimming spot.

No matter how you plan to spend your summer, make sure to get some experience and a little cash. You’ll thank yourself come autumn when you get sticker shock all over again with the price of textbooks (and Halloween costumes).

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