6 Things to Consider Before Moving Into a New House

Buying a house is a huge decision, and there are so many factors that go into it. Many people who are first-time home buyers get very excited (as they should) and might overlook some important factors when looking to sign the papers. However, before spending any money, it’s a good idea to consider these points.
1. HOA
This is a big one for me. I’m kind of on the fence about Home Owner’s Associations (HOAs) – my parents live in a neighborhood that has one, and they pay pretty hefty annual fees. The idea is that HOAs provide guidelines for the neighborhood and can enforce these rules, as well as hosting neighborhood events. The issue I have is that my parents pay for fees but the HOA tends to not be that active. Look into whether or not the neighborhood has an HOA and what the associated fees are.
2. Stagger the visits
A lot of neighborhoods look nice during the day but turn to be less-than-desirable at night. Maybe there are lots of parties going on, people driving down the street blasting their music, or maybe there is some crime in the area. Also make sure to drive by on the weekends as well – my parents live across from neighbors who party every Friday and have loud music and flood lights in the backyard.
3. Check how green the house is
Odds are, the house is going to cost a lot of green, so it’s important to make sure it is green, if you catch my drift. Looking at what makes the house environmentally friendly stands to save the new homeowners some money down the line. Making sure the windows are a good quality, like Sollex Sash Windows, will ensure better insulation and lower energy bills.
4. Check the news
This isn’t just to see if there is crime in the area, but it’s also to see what issues may impact the neighborhood. Newspapers or news websites will often cover stories such as if the water around the area is contaminated, if renters in the area are having problems with their landlords, or if city construction is scheduled. All of these are important factors in deciding whether or not to choose that house.
5. Inspect, inspect, inspect!
Never, ever buy a house without an inspection. And don’t take the seller’s word for their inspection results, either. Having a third-party conduct the inspection will ensure that the new owners aren’t liable for any damage that might not be visible to the naked eye.
6. Go to city hall
Looking at zoning issues that are going on in the city is very important to a lot of homeowners, especially those who have children. The school zones and districts can make or break whether or not parents by a house, and it’s also good to know if the neighborhood is about to be incorporated.