7 Countries Developing Internet Connections

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It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that the Internet is growing rapidly in developing nations. As the global economy sparks growth in third world nations, Internet usage inevitably increases.

This is due in large part to the amount of commerce conducted through Internet-based companies, and the sales, marketing, and general communication required to run a thriving business in the 21st century. Social media is changing the face of business and marketing, and the great hunger for it in growing nations is reflected in the swift growth of Internet connections and users.

Seven nations emerging in the Internet era

1. The Philippines

The Philippines is one of the Asian countries that is developing Internet technology at a rapid rate. Google launched a “Dubbed Free Zone” in the Philippines late last fall, which essentially allows users to get access to Google-based sites and Google search from their mobile devices without worrying about data charges from their cellular service providers.

2. China

Countries like China and Japan have had their economies plugged into the Web for a while, but the more recent leap in Internet usage has been among China’s growing middle class. Internet providers are pushing for further economic improvement, with the hope that the new middle class will mean an even greater increase in usage in China in the near future.

3. Nigeria

A number of African nations are pressing toward increased Internet technology. Nigeria tops the chart, according to, with about 8 million users, or a little less than 6% of the population.

4. Morocco

Second in line in a survey of Internet usage in African nations, Morocco bases most of its economy on tourism, and tourists from developed nations want the Internet services they are accustomed to. It only makes sense to integrate those services into the culture.

5. Egypt

Egypt started a revolution on the Internet, and Web culture continues to thrive. Social media has become a huge part of the youth experience in this North African nation, and it will continue to thrive despite some political setbacks with the Egyptian government of late.

6. India

India has a huge number of people and urban environments — the perfect place for an Internet service provider to step in and take the reins. Much like China and Japan, urban Indian environments typically have some Internet service these days, and the numbers are sure to grow.

7. South Africa

Another nation that draw a huge number of tourists, South Africa has to please its visitors. Most urban environments are likely to have some Web access, though the rural areas of the country are still off the grid by American or European standards.


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