7 Industries Struggling to Find Talent

The job market might be improving, but employers in a few industries are desperate for workers. Some of these jobs require a specific degree, but others might require only a little experience or the right personality.

For job hunters who want low-hanging fruit, check out these seven industries that need workers STAT.

1. Transportation

This includes everything from light rail operators to bus drivers and CAT operators. The great thing is that these jobs also pay relatively well, they’re stable, they often have a great benefits package, and no degree is required. However, a commercial driver’s license is necessary, but this is not difficult to study for and earn. The transportation industry is booming, so right now is the perfect time to join.

2. Skilled trades

Electricians, solar panel installers, plumbers … if it’s a skilled trade, there’s a high demand. To get in on these fields, you can often find apprenticeship programs in place. There’s no degree, but a willingness to accept low wages or other compensation for an apprenticeship is necessary to start.

3. Auto manufacturing

Detroit might be suffering, but auto manufacturing as a whole is booming. It’s estimated that up to 100,000 of these jobs may be added every year through 2020, and this is another career with no degree requirement. The salaries are often high and there’s plenty of room for advancement.

4. Health care workers

From physicians to medical assistants, there’s a growing need for health care workers. Applicants can opt for an entry-level assistant position or use their newly minted MD as a negotiating tool. There are also increasing opportunities overseas; plus, these fields come with the added bonus of helping people on a daily basis.

5. Engineering

This includes software design, Wimax engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering … the list goes on and on. Usually, at least a bachelor’s degree is required; an advanced degree may be preferred. There are entry-level positions with no degree requirements, but a natural tech ability is a must.

6. Teachers

There might be cutbacks, but schools can’t survive without teachers. There are also options for loan forgiveness if teachers work in a high-need district after graduation. Private schools can offer more security and higher pay. Of course, public school teachers also get the benefit of a pension.

7. Customer service reps

If you have mad sales skills, you can make a fortune. Even during a recession, people will spend, so this is always a safety net. No degree is required, but your personality has to mesh well in this high-stakes environment.

Employers who want to properly train new employees should start with a well-designed training program. This can’t be thrown together willy nilly.

Seek the guidance of training professionals, consider both personality and background when hiring, and remember that to attract the best candidates, the benefits have to be impressive.