7 Potential Problems When Your Blog Starts to Make Money

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Bloggers work so hard to get their site monetized that they often don’t know what to do when it happens. There are plenty of pitfalls before you get there, but the biggest challenges often turn up after the money starts rolling in. One wrong move at this point can turn a well-performing blog into a forgotten one. Now isn’t the time to rest easy.

Many things can go wrong; one hiccup could turn away readers for good. How can your blog stay in good graces and maneuver around the potholes?

Keep these seven possibilities in mind from the start. Planning ahead is the best tool.

1. Shopping cart issues

If your blog doubles as an eCommerce site, you need to make sure your shopping cart system is in tip-top shape. Customers should be able to add to their cart, manage it, and check out from any page. Look at Amazon for a little inspiration, since it’s generally acknowledged to have one of the best shopping carts around. Make it easy for people to buy.

2. PayPal problems

PayPal revolutionized how money is sent and received online, but there have been complaints recently. High fees, denials for no reasons and long holds have people turning away from PayPal. Research alternatives like WePay charge standard low fees and are much more user-friendly. Customers will be happy to check out glitch-free.

3. What customer service?

When a blog is connected to a corporation, readers expect to receive excellent service, too. Just because someone goes to the blog of a mega-corporation instead of their homepage is no excuse for shoddy customer service. Have phone numbers and email addresses readily available and easy to find and follow best CRM practices. A live chat function is another feature that does wonders.

4. Dealing with Uncle Sam

Bloggers who are monetized and starting to make some serious income mustn’t forget about paying quarterly taxes. You can get seriously penalized if you wait until April to file your taxes. Having a qualified CPA in your corner is always a smart move. Budget your income so the right percentage is automatically deposited into a taxes-only account to make management a little easier.

5. Responsive design conundrums

There’s a good chance that many bloggers would get more readers if they only followed responsive design. RD refers to when a site appears flawlessly on any platform, from an old laptop to the latest mini iPad. Some WordPress themes are automatically RD-friendly. In any case, all web designers should tout responsive design as part of their approach.

6. Know SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial, and you can almost always improve yours. SEO dictates where a blog turns up when people search for key words. It needs to be monitored, analyzed, and updated on a regular basis. Bloggers will inevitably reach more readers if they’re up to date on the SEO side of things.

7. Too much flash

Blogs should be kept simple, with flash staying at a minimum (if it’s there at all). Some people will have slow connections or come in on platforms that aren’t conducive to fast movement. If you have videos on your site, make sure you include text that tells the video story, just in case it won’t load.

Making money blogging is a dream come true, but it brings challenges with it. Stay ahead of the curve and avoid common mistakes from the start. Knowing the obstacles ahead of time can help you prepare a counter-attack. After all, there’s nothing more disheartening than a dream almost realized, then it slips through your hands.


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