By: Chhaya Néné (University of Miami)

It’s college and that means freedom from high school drama and the same boring old people. We know as you were taking the tours, you were checking out the different sights of college, not the library and the student union, but the male/female ratio (to say the least) . Relationships are the last thing on your mind and for good reason, so here is why you should stay single.

Save Money

Let’s face it, we’re college students and most of us are broke, so why should you have to spend money on someone else other than yourself? You can keep the money and splurge on those new kicks, or new clothes, or eat a huge lunch without having to worry about another person. There are only date nights that you choose to go on, no expensive birthdays, and no expensive anniversaries. All the money you’re saving can go towards nights out for you!

Mirror Time

Without a relationship you have infinite time to focus on yourself. You can get your goals and priorities in order and make sure you are complete within yourself before you see anyone else. This means more time for studying and getting up that grade you were letting slide. For some people this is the best reason to be single. If you know you are prone to cheating in relationships because you are never satisfied, you can work on finding out what makes you happy.

What time do the legs close?

Never. You are free to peruse the dating scene and have the hook-ups you’ve wanted to try. This means drunken make-outs and some outrageous sex. You can flirt all you want, and bask in the glorious stares you’re getting. There’s no guilt for casually dating multiple people, and the biggest perk… hello, no commitment!


When you’re single, you make your own rules. When do you go to bed? When do you have to be home? When do you have to call? When do you have to shave? Who do you have to impress? Who do you have to tell where you’re going? The answer is no-one! You have your own schedule and can do everything on your own time without having to answer to anyone. You can go where you want, see whoever you want, eat whatever you want, wear whatever you want, etc. There’s no ball and chain. This is all about you, so fly that freedom flag and kick back.

New People Factor

You get to meet new people without feeling guilty. If you’re a guy how many just girl friends do you have? And if you’re a girl, how many just guy friends do you have? In a relationship, these numbers are often limited. When you’re single you can have as many friends of the opposite sex as you want, you can meet new people, give them your number, and just not worry about who you’re going to piss off. You also get to see all of your friends, instead of just a boy/girl friend.

Avoid Messy Break-Ups and Heartbreaks

At some point in life, most people who were ever in a relationship go through a messy break-up and end up with a broken heart. The night you are dumped is filled with violent sobs, Kleenex, chocolate, friends, and sad love songs (or possibly anger, drunkenness, and bad decisions). It’s a miserable feeling where you feel like your whole world is turned upside down and you feel hollow inside. Every little thing reminds you of your failed relationship and you physically hurt from being so upset. Forget concentrating in class, not going to happen, instead you’re going to become a love zombie that is until it’s on to the next one. You can avoid all of this mess by staying single and casually dating, instead of getting into a serious relationship.

Dating a Loser

We’ve all done this, or we’ve seen someone do it. They’ve got the love bug for a total loser and you want to shake them and say what the hell do you think you’re doing? That person is a total creep and mooches off of you or friend. If you’re the one getting mooched off of, you’re convinced it’s not true and your friends simply don’t know what you have. Its bull, and you know it. Everyone claims they know your situation, but they don’t. You my friend are in relationship hell, and there’s no escape. Meanwhile, your friends are watching you become a shell of who you were, and they can’t help you because you’ve chosen to shut them out. And when the inevitable break-up comes up you’re left feeling like an ass. So what should you have done? BEEN SINGLE! That’s right people avoid this and just be single.

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