7 Tips for Getting Perfect Brows

Your eyebrows are probably one of the most underrated elements of your appearance. They frame your face, highlight your eye color and makeup, and really complete your look. Your eyebrows set the tone for your style. They are also an important part of how you show expression. Your eyebrows let people know how you are feeling, and are probably one of your most expressive features.

But they are so easy to get wrong. Most of us have at some point been guilty of overplucking, or of attempting to totally change our natural shape and ending up with two completely different brows. We overthink, we try too hard, and we get it wrong.

Whether you are looking for a new look, are keen to get back to a more natural shape, or you are just looking to perfect your already smoking brows, here are seven tips to help you get it right.

Take Care of Your Brows and Skin

Your brows will never be perfect if you have dry, flaky skin. Makeup is more likely to cake in dry skin, and brows will never get a chance to shine if your skin is gray and tired. Start with a great skincare routine, removing makeup and moisturizing morning and night. You might also want to add a serum to your morning routine, and a weekly exfoliation to remove any dead skin.

Then, think about the hairs themselves. We treat and condition the hairs on our head, but completely neglect our brows. Massage olive oil, castor oil, or coconut oil into them for a few minutes before bed to stimulate growth, soften the skin, and condition the hair.

Think About Your Face Shape

A common mistake that people make with their brows is following fashions and trends. When thinner brows are in, we overpluck to fine lines, then stop altogether when thicker frames are more popular. Not all eyebrow shapes suit all faces. Before you sit down and start plucking, or instruct a pro, think about your face shape and features. If you’ve got larger features, especially eyes, thick brows with a low arch would look amazing but these could overwhelm more delicate features. If you have a rounder face, higher arches will suit, but if your face is thin, you’ll want straighter lines.

Stop Over Plucking

The first thing that you need to do if you are considering making any big changes to your brows is to stop plucking. Most of us overpluck. We notice a stray; we pull it out. We pluck more on one side and then have to even out. Then, suddenly we’re penciling in more than ever. Stop plucking completely, let your natural shape return, and then think about changes.

Get Professional Help

Your brows are complicated and crucial things. Whether you are a long-term home plucker, or just getting started, it can be a good idea to make an appointment with a professional. They’ll help you find the right shape, and give you more tips on sticking to it.

For sensitive skin especially, microblading is more popular than ever. It’s long-lasting and one of the best ways to get the shape that you are looking for.

Invest in Good Tweezers

Even if you opt for microblading, a good pair of tweezers are worthwhile for plucking the odd stray or making small adjustments at home. Good, sharp tweezers help you pluck hairs without damaging your skin or breaking hairs above the follicle.

Fill in Sparse Spots

Filling in sparse spots, or adding a little pencil to thicken your brows is fantastic. Use a high-quality, sharp pencil a shade lighter than your natural brows for the best results.

Embrace Your Natural Shape

Your natural shape is likely to suit your face shape and features well. Instead of trying to change it, embrace it. Shape, pluck, or microblade to enhance your natural shape, highlighting your arch, not removing it.

Once you’ve got perfect brows, suddenly everything is easier. You won’t need as much makeup, you’ll feel more confident, and you’ll know that you look incredible every day.

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