8 Courses to Take If You Want to Excel in Essay Writing

If you look at it more than a mere homework assignment, essay writing is a way to reinforce your transferable skills. To begin with, you would be working on your research and analytical abilities. As you get further, you will nurture critical thinking and organizational skills.

Most importantly, it will teach you to communicate effectively. In an essay, you have to choose a position and support it as well. You have to be precise and concise; there is no room to ramble. We asked the writing experts at essaywritingservice.com to find out how students can level up their essay writing. Below are some of the course recommendations we curated.

Getting Started With Essay Writing on Coursera

This program is the second one in the two-part writing specialization course in Academic English. This course is very much college-oriented, taught by the instructors of the University of California. The lessons here start by introducing you to the three different types of essays.

By the end of the course, you will be equipped to create effective thesis statements, plan your work, and craft compelling arguments. The lecture and activities are available for free, but if you want to take quizzes or receive feedback, you will have to opt for the paid version.

Essay Writing 101 on Udemy

College Essays Made Easy is a course that will cover every aspect of academic writing in college. Developed by two brothers, who are also academic tutors in the U.K., you will be receiving comprehensive lessons on how to be more proficient in writing college essays.

You will learn the dynamics of advanced academic writing and applying different tactics based on the essay types. With over 2 hours of lectures, you will prepare to plan the essay structure, come up with thesis statements, and tackle other essay elements with proper preparation. You can also test your progress through quizzes and downloadable assignments.

How to Write an Essay on EdX

This course, curated by UC Berkeley, has a unique component. The institute has partnered with the U.S. Department of State to offer an immersive learning experience. Participating in U.S. embassies will host in-person discussions for students interested in pursuing higher education in the U.S.

While this factor might not be appealing to everyone, that does not diminish the quality of this program at all. The five-week course focuses on essay development, grammar terminology, writing skills, and, most importantly, self-editing. Students will also be able to participate in online discussions along with peer review. There is also an optional course workbook that can be used for additional writing assignments.

How to Write an Essay in 30 Minutes on SkillShare

One common question among students is not only how to write excellent essays, but how to do it in the least amount of time possible. And this course addresses this particular pain point of students. The instructor, Helen Companion, has a Master’s degree in English and teaches at the college level. She will take you through the different parts of essays and how to come up with powerful phrases.

You will work with her to outline your essays’ structure, learn how to transition sentences, and write convincing proof even for the most ridiculous topics. Throughout the class, you will be composing one essay, looking into all the points mentioned here. The classes last 43 minutes, and it’s well worth the investments considering that you can master essay skills by the end.

Academic Essay Writing for English Language Learners on Udemy

If you are a non-native English speaker, this is a course that is tailored to help you with academic writing in English. Besides learning about the different components of essays, you will also improve your vocabulary and paragraph structure. The course will also prep you for using conjunctions, a very significant element in essay writing.

Further along, the program covers different types of essays such as opinion essays, cause and effect essays, problem-solution essays, and more. Overall, it will help you reach a high academic writing standard with logical and fluid writing.

Learn English: Advanced Grammar and Punctuation Specialization on Coursera

Are you already confident about your writing skills but want to improve it further? This advanced specialization course in English grammar might be exactly what you are looking for. It will teach you about grammar concepts such as conditionals, noun classes, and how to blend verb tenses effectively, all of which could contribute to crafting impressive essays.

This program is equally useful for those seeking to be more accurate in writing for non-native English speakers who want to strengthen their fluency.

Academic And Business Writing on Edx

Another English course offered by UC Berkeley looks into the concepts of writing that apply to both academic and business contexts. The program concentrates on understanding the different styles of paper and its varying demands. You will also be working on the tone of the writing, vocabulary development, revision, and editing skills.

Students will have opportunities to work on different topics and ideas, with short writing assignments, academic essays, and quizzes to complete the curriculum.

University Writing: Persuasive and Argumentative Essays on Udemy

This course is ideal for students transitioning from high school to university. Every program requires you to have the necessary writing skills to create clear, organized, and sufficiently supported academic arguments. Yet, it is always taught in schools. The program aims to bridge the gap and help students take on college writing assignments with confidence.

You will be working on essay organization for persuasive and argumentative essays, focusing on the presentation and defending your position. You will also learn how to tailor your argument to the audience.

As you know already, essays are an inevitable part of our educational system. As unnecessary as it might seem to a college student, honing your writing skills will certainly help you in your future. And with these courses, learning to write essays does not have to be an overwhelming challenge.

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