8 Tips for High School Students: How to Prepare for your Exams

The examination period is what most high school students dread the most. This is especially so when you’re taking a difficult subject like chemistry. The key is not the cram. Doing well on your exams isn’t impossible, if you have the right mindset and the right study habits.

For students who have an upcoming exam, here are some effective study tips that you can try:

Study alone.

It’s tempting to join your classmates and study  together as a group. However, the problem with studying with friends is that you will end up consuming much of the time chatting on other things. There are just so many distractions. It’s best if you just study alone.

Study in a conducive environment.

Studying is often a solitary act. In order to absorb what you’re reading and studying better, it helps if you find a great and conducive environment. Find a place with less distractions. Study in your room or at a library. Put away the distractions like gadgets.

Ready all your study materials.

When you study, make sure that everything is ready: the books, your notes, highlighters and other stationery items, and other resources. Put everything on the table or within your reach so that you won’t waste time looking for things that could disrupt your study session.

Study regularly.

Never cram. When the exam is still weeks away, you should already start studying. Take note that you will not only be studying for one subject, but a handful of subjects. Try to study for an hour or two each day.

Take breaks.

Do not push yourself too hard. Give your body and mind a break. Do not study for hours without taking breaks in between. Your mind will absorb things better if it’s conditioned and not too exhausted.

Don’t be afraid to ask.

If there are things you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to ask your classmates, friends, or your teacher during class. You can’t know everything. Hence, let others help you, especially if they are willing to extend a hand.

Test yourself.

After studying, you must then test yourself. For example, you can take a practical online chemistry test. By taking practice tests, you can better assess yourself, what you know, and what you still don’t understand. It’s essential for self-improvement.

Rest up.

A day before the exam, you must sleep early, eat well, and rest up. You’ll do better on the exam if your body and mind are well-rested. Don’t exhaust yourself. You’ve done enough.

You will do well on the exam just as long as you’ve prepared for it. Do not cram and study day by day. Learning is a long process.