These 9-Year-Old Hockey Little Leaguers Are Brawling Pros (Video)



I don’t know about you all, but I think once you’ve seen one sports brawl you’ve seen them all. A couple of light pushes, then 50 guys pushing each other, then two guys doing their best to look as if they are trying to push through the ref/umpire. A giant “brawl” between grown-ass men in which nobody gets seriously hurt isn’t a fight, it’s a Sorority slap fest.  So I stopped clicking links for sports brawls for a very long time, until I happened to see this one posted by our boys over at The School Philly.

These kids may be 9-years old, but they make professional Hockey players look like Croquet players. One of the greatest brawls I’ve ever seen from a bunch of kids who probably haven’t had their balls drop. It’s not even during the game, it’s during that awkward post-game handshake line. The NHL is probably in talks with these kids as we speak. They need some reason for people to watch.

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