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You know the drill. You spark a joint with a couple of your closest friends, start chatting about a random assortment of unrelated topics, and BAM! All of a sudden it hits you like a ton of bricks – [what you believe to be] the greatest highdea known to man. But chances are, in an hour, you’ll either forget your brilliant, multi-million dollar concept…or you’ll just be too lazy to do anything about it. provides a forum for said “out of the box” thinking, and the best part? All you need to do is sit in front of your computer to share it with others. I’ve taken the liberty of sifting through pages and pages of these questionably genius ideas, and compiled a list of the top 10 (or at least most creative) highdeas to date. Not at all surprisingly, most of them revolved around a single, consistent theme: food.

10. “A smoke alarm with a sense of smell.”

9. “Wake ‘N Bacon. Dutches that taste like different kinds of bacon. Flavors would include hickory smoked, maple, etc.”

8. “The Marisuana. A sauna in which THC-infused water would be poured over hot rocks essentially creating a hot box that relaxes and soothes. THC would be absorbed through the mouth, nose, and even your pores.”

7. “James Jonathon’s: Classier Version of Jimmy John’s. The subs would take forever to get delivered, but would be brought to you by a butler dressed to the nines in a limo. They would only be prepared by highly trained chefs from the most premium of ingredients. You’d still be encouraged to smoke up the delivery guy.”

6. “Remote control microwave. You know when you start eating something, but it’s too much right then? So why not put it in the microwave, and go sit on the couch and smoke another bowl, and when you’re ready you just use the remote control to start the microwave, and when it’s done you go get it.”

5. “Text ordered food at theaters. When you’re at a bar, or movie theater, or amusement park, fuck, it doesn’t matter. And you can text an order for food and people bring it.”

4. “Programmable Digital Shower. A digital, automatic temperature adjusting shower that let’s you pick your own custom settings. Just press a button and the shower turns on and automatically adjusts the water temperature to your liking. It has a thermometer to detect the water temperature and it beeps to alert you that your shower is ready to go. It can also quickly and accurately adjust to fluctuations in temperature for the perfect hot shower.”

3. “Frozen Dreams. Who doesn’t like to sleep on cool sheets and a pillow? To keep your sheets cool at night, do the following: Cut a 3X2 ft hole in the center of your box spring and mattress. Insert equivalent size cooler. Fill with ice. Replace cut out sections of box spring and mattress. Enjoy cold sheets all night long.”

2. “A 30 minute time change. Stop Daylight Savings time! Spring forward 1 hour. Fall back one hour. Enough. Just move everybody 30 minutes (meet in the middle) and be done with it.”

1. “Edible Tape. Burritos are awesome munchie food. You can put anything in them and just go ape shit. But how often do they fall apart on you? The bottom either gives out or some delicious morsel within pokes a hole in the side. You have to cradle the thing in your hands like a premature newborn just to keep it together. There needs to be flavorless edible tape to aid in burrito making. Tape that bad boy up and you can eat it with one hand and smoke that tasty J in the other.”

**Disclaimer: These “higheas” are NOT my doing. Go to to see more about these, and other works of genius.

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