A Campus Socialite Sounds Off On The McNabb Trade

Here at The Campus Socialite are pretty passionate football fans (see New York Giants), and with under three weeks until Draft Day a major move went down this weekend to shake the NFL up. Donovan McNabb getting shipped to the Redskins for two draft picks changed the entire attitude of the NFC East. We posted a comment last night on The Campus Socialite Fan Page saying this move is great for the NFC East competitors (Giants and Cowboys) and it will definitely come back to bite the Eagles in the ass. Our inbox has been blowing up this morning from all you Campus Socialites voicing your opinion on the trade. Check out one Campus Socialites response, aka Wesinreider, as he breaks down the trade and actually makes a pretty legit statement how the Skins and Eagles both got a lot better from the move.

Wesinreider’s Response:

How is McNabb being traded to the Skins “good news for the NY Giants”? McNabb kills the Giants, and now that he is on the skins the Giants still have to face him 2x a year. The Skins have been the joke of the NFC East, but now with McNabb and Shanahan as his coach, the Skins are actually turning the corner and are going to be a solid team (See Elway Shanahan 2x SB champs as an example- note Elway was 1 year older than McNabb when Shanahan became his coach).

The Eagles did not get any worse from this trade. Kolb is a player and chances are Vick won’t even be in Philly by the start of the season. Also, now the Eagles have 5 picks out of the first 87 in this years draft. I don’t know if you remember but in the 2008 draft in the 2nd round with the 49th pick the Eagles selected a guy by the name of DeSean Jackson who is what you would call a “player.” Imagine if they use their 2nd round pick that they receive for McNabb to pick another Desean Jackson?

Summary: This trade only hurts the Giants. The Skins got better and the Eagles got no worse but have a bright future.

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