A Day in the Life of an Intern: At the Office

By: Michelle the Intern

Getting to New York City for my internship is never as easy as it sounds. Not only does my Dad accompany me on the bus every day, but he also acts like I’ve never been to NYC before. Everyday I look forward to the moment that we part ways.

Without my Dad’s role as Virgil, I am usually left to experience the long, dark inferno of walking a few avenues down and a few blocks over all alone. Along the way, I jam to the latest pop chart hits and watch as the rushed Manhattan pedestrians attempt to make it to work on time. One key observation is that most pedestrians seem to have a death wish. I’ve noticed the common city person likes to walk in front of speeding taxis and multiple-ton weighing trucks, or sometimes just skip the use of a crosswalk at all. I also do not understand why everyone takes winter gear so seriously. I pass almost every person all buttoned up in their down jackets, wrapped in scarves, gloves, the works. I guess I must be a warm-blooded person because during my hike I work up quite a sweat. I tend to take a lighter clothing approach and top off leggings and a light weight shirt with fuzzy convertible mittens, just to give off that wintery feel (note: despite buying convertible mittens, the thumbs are still fully covered and hinder the deliverance of a speedy BBM response). Even with all of these obstacles, I make it to work in a chipper mood, and obviously shvitzing.

The first time I met my boss she requested I refer to her as “Madame,” or “Thy Honorable Jenni.” When I actually addressed her by one of those options, she told me she had been kidding, but quite honestly I don’t think she was. Royalty status or not, Jenni is a really good boss. We hit it off from the start and she has been very helpful and responsive to any concerns that I have. Jenni also likes a daily cup of java, which I am delighted to retrieve for her from the near-by Juan Valdez. Juan Valdez always contributes an element of pizzazz to my day. The cheerful wall mosaic of Columbian cherry pickers and cavaliers always puts me in a good mood.

I’ve also had a variety of bizarre encounters with strangers. My personal favorite was when an older, energetic woman and a profusely sweating older man (can’t blame him for profusely sweating) requested that I look up on my Blackberry the new address of a UN building that used to exist on Lexington. The new address that they were looking for was not coming up in my Google search. The woman made sure to be persistent and hover over me until the new location of this building suddenly appeared from the abyss. She even told me that if I did her the favor of performing the Google search, I would be blessed in some way. Eventually, she backed off, thanked me for my services, and told me that Santa would bring me good gifts this year. I then concluded the conversation with the reply of, “I’m Jewish.” This woman was just one of the many strangers I feared would either pick pocket me, or accost me with their views on the bible (actually happened while in the Port Authority. A girl my age wanted to teach me about the female image of God), but nonetheless provided me with an entertaining story to share when I returned home.

While in the office, I complete the list of things Jenni e-mails me each day. When I’m not doing the little tedious tasks, I’m working on my mini-series for the PostGrad site. My mini-series is targeted towards the New York woman and provides information on where to get good deals in the worlds of fashion and beauty, TV shows not to watch as a female living alone in NYC (Law and Order: SVU), as well as tips on how to host your first holiday part on a budget. Clearly being a college student from the suburbs of New Jersey, I am not exactly the model of the New York woman. I like to think however, that just as my mom tells people we are from the “New York Metropolitan Area,” to avoid the shame that usually comes with admitting you live in the armpit of America, that over the years I have gained enough knowledge on how to successfully live as a young woman in this city.

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