By: Ann Redus (UTSA)

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I was recently engaged in a friendly debate with Drew, one of the founding members of The Campus Socialite, about whether iPhones or BlackBerrys were better. Ultimately, the choice depends on which one personally fits your lifestyle, but I have decided to take it upon myself to compare the two based on what I think is important to a Campus Socialite and to a business owner.

A little background on the issue… Drew has a BlackBerry. Because I’m not from New York, he informed me that everyone in NY has one (good info, Drew). He also said he would he wouldn’t know what to do without BBM… dependency issues? Anyway, I am from the GREAT state of Texas where BlackBerrys are still used but rarely seen. I have an iPhone, and from the looks of it so do a lot of other people in Texas, so we’re iPhone fans down here, y’all.

So, the great debate begins…

Let’s just get this BBM stuff over with. BBM: Blackberry :: WhatsApp?: iPhone. The same thing that BlackBerrys have is now available for iPhones for a one-time charge of $0.99. You can chat without having to worry about pins, usernames, or logging in and out. You can chat internationally, set status, and personalize your WhatsApp? wallpaper and notification sounds. I guess that’s cool…


I was a HUGE fan of a physical, QWERTY keyboard before my iPhone. I will admit it does take some getting used to which may be frustrating to a person who doesn’t exactly have the time, but it’s really not that hard. After 7 months of having an iPhone, I feel like it knows what I’m trying to type before I type it so I’d say the majority of my messages are sent without error.

Web browsing

Alright, hands down the iPhone has a better web browsing experience because of the layout. I get the same look on my iPhone that I do on my PC. With a BlackBerry you have to use that little ball thing to scroll around, but on an iPhone you just tap on the screen.


If the president of the United States uses a BlackBerry, you know that thing has to be VERY secure. A downfall for iPhone users is a weakness in protection. I wouldn’t normally assume someone who needed a phone with beefed up security would get an iPhone anyway just because it’s not as business savvy as a BlackBerry – Which leads me to my next topic…

Business Usage

I’m going to have to say that the BlackBerry is far more useful for business purposes than an iPhone because of the software. I hate that I can’t edit documents or anything from my iPhone. You can buy apps that convert documents for you but if it doesn’t come with the phone, chances are I’m not going to pay extra for it. BlackBerrys have Microsoft Exchange and Novell Groupwise which are necessities to workers on-the-go.


While the BlackBerry may be great for working, the iPhone is great for playing. With the ability to download almost ANY game imaginable in the App Store, the iPhone is perfect for just about anything related to leisure. If you’re looking to read a book or play a game, the iPhone has the BlackBerry beat – by far.


I have heard AT&T is having issues with their network being able to handle the amount of customers with an iPhone. The lack of signal and an increase in dropped calls has caused AT&T to beef up the amount of coverage in areas with an influx of iPhone users. BlackBerry users on the AT&T network in areas where the iPhone usage was highly concentrated did not experience low signals and dropped calls as  did iPhone users. So it looks like AT&T isn’t necessarily the one to blame, it’s the iPhone.

Battery life

HUGE issue for me. My iPhone won’t last one day without needing to be charged. It’s really annoying to have to carry around a USB cord to and from work, plus a car charger, because my phone eats up battery life like crazy. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a battery I could replace when my other one goes dead? Luckily, BlackBerry users have that option and I’m extremely jealous!All in all, both phones seem to be awesome devices which could potentially cater to your every need. However, the debate of which one is better depends solely on what you mainly use your phone for. Business and practicality = BlackBerry. Some business, some pleasure = iPhone. With the new iPhone 4 out, the BlackBerry team better step it up! FaceTime, HD picture quality, and multitasking are going to be hard to beat if you ask me. My ruling for best phone? iPhone.

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