Super Mario Galaxy 2: Coming Soon to a Wii Near You

By: David Kaplan, The Campus Gamer

In celebration of Super Mario Galaxy 2 winning the number 1 spot for Top Game Picks of May, why not share a little information about the game over the next few weeks before the official release?  Maybe if I am lucky enough I can score a copy of the game from Nintendo and write an honest to goodness review just for you budding college gamers.

The original Super Mario Galaxy had franchise staples such as Star Power Mario, which granted short-term invincibility and Fire Flower Mario, which let you throw fireballs. Some new power ups introduced to the series were Bee Suit Mario and Boo Suit Mario that gave you the ability to fly and stick to walls or become invisible and pass through certain walls respectively. Galaxy 2 looks to continue in its innovations and has included some new power ups and abilities for the player to enjoy. The first of which we will cover today is Rock Suit Mario.

From the videos and pictures I have seen, a rock style mushroom will turn you into a rolling ball of badass. You are the bowling ball and helpless goombas are your pins. Once you have acquired the power up, a shake of your Wii remote will roll you up into a giant boulder and launch you in the direction you are facing, pummeling just about anything in your path.

Check out the video below to catch Rock Suit Mario in action in addition to some of the other cool power ups I had mentioned from the original game.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 will be available throughout North America on Sunday, May 23… reserve it now and don’t go a day without what promises to be one of the most revolutionary video games of our generation.

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