A Shot of Yager: Kicking N Streaming w/ Jon Anik of ESPN’s MMA LIVE


Dana White announced this past Saturday that UFC HAS PURCHASED STRIKEFORCE, as if we didn’t already have enough to talk about in the world of MMA with UFC 128: Bones vs Shogun coming up this Saturday in Newark, where both Jon and I will be in attendance. Jon gives his perspective on what we both think is the biggest news in MMA history and how it will affect the combat sports landscape as a whole.


Jon tells me when he started hearing rumblings of the purchase possibly taking place and how long he thinks it will take for Strikeforce to be fully absorbed into UFC. THIS IS A MUST LISTEN FOR ANY MMA FAN LOOKING TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE BIG NEWS. Tons of UFC 128 talk as well! Follow Jon on Twitter @Jon_Anik and tune in to MMA Live every week on ESPN2!


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