A Shot of Yager: Podcast Interview with MARTIN SHORT


shot of yagerMartin Short is an absolute legend in the world of comedy, known for creating one of a kind characters in film, TV and on stage. Marty swings through CT on July 15th to put on a one of a kind show at the Ridgefield Playhouse. CLICK HERE to buy tickets. He joins me as we talk about the live show, his illustrious career, upcoming projects like Weeds and How I Met Your Mother, what he knows about a possible Arrested Development movie and a whole lot more! It was a pleasure to be joined by a pure comedic genius who is nothing but beloved around the world. Martin Short’s energy and charisma that made him the stand out of great films like Three Amigos and Father of the Bride definitely remains strong in the “do it all” performer who promises to take his audience on an interactive ride navigated by the many alter egos of the brilliant Martin Short. Check out the Podcast below.

You do NOT want to miss Short’s one of a kind live show as it gives the audience an opportunity to come face to face with the many characters Short has created and performed over the years. Tickets are going fast and this is NOT a tour, so next Friday’s show is a special engagement that will truly be a missed opportunity for those who can’t make it.

martin short

In this great SHOT OF YAGER interview we talk about what goes into one of Martin Short’s live shows and after hearing him get excited about getting up there it really makes you want to clear your schedule if you’re anywhere near CT next week.

Martin also lends his thoughts on the Tracy Morgan scandal, what he thought about Borat and Ali G doing fake interviews much like his Jiminy Glick did, who his all time favorite character is and a whole lot more! Perfect show to cozy up with on the beach this weekend!

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