A Shot of Yager: Podcast w/ Actor and Comedian BRYAN CALLEN


Bryan Callen is all over the place. He’s in Gillette commercials, he has two different roles in the two Hangover movies, he is the star of MTV’s newest hit show DEATH VALLEY, and is one of the funniest stand-up comedians in the country with an upcoming special on Showtime.

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Bryan also plays one of the MMA commentators in my favorite movie of the year so far, Warrior, a role he based on his real-life best friend, UFC’s Joe Rogan. Bryan is a frequent guest on Joe Rogan’s fantastic podcast and Bryan was kind enough to drop by MY show to discuss Warrior, how he helped make the movie happen, podcasts, whether he would ever consider doing real MMA commentary and a whole lot more!


Follow Bryan on twitter @BryanCallen and check out his website

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