A Shot of Yager: Podcast w/ Returning Guest MTV’s Derrick Kosinski


You know Derrick from the Real World/Road Rules Challenge series on MTV and if you follow those shows you know that Derrick has started his own podcast called The Derrick Kosinski Podcast over at where he has all the stars of both the Challenges and The Real World on his show each week. Derrick drops by the show again to talk about Challenge: Rivals which wrapped up a few weeks ago.

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Derrick talks about how his relationship with his peers/friends has changed since he has started covering the shows himself and interviewing them on a weekly basis. We go over some of his favorite guests from his podcast and talk about the new season of The Real World: San Diego which debuted a couple weeks ago.

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We talk about some of the stereotypical elements of every Real World season like the cast member who is trying to make it as a musician and will no doubt embarrass themselves by the end of the season, we talk about my undeniable crush on Real World: Vegas star Heather Marter and we even compare Derrick and his career to that of a UFC fighter who has also been on the podcast!

If you’re a fan of MTV, The Real World, the challenges, reality TV or just good conversation this is not a podcast you want to miss. Derrick is one of the most honest dudes in the podcast world and it’s cool to get his take on the very shows he made his name on. Check out his podcast at and follow Derrick on Twitter @DerrickMTV

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