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Anyone who listened to this show earlier this year knows that Shameless was not only my favorite new show but probably my favorite show of the year all together. One of the reasons is Shanola Hampton, the beautiful young actress who plays Veronica, the loving neighbor to the dysfunctional Gallagar family who lives with her boyfriend Kev, played by the also brilliant and very tall Steve Howey.

shanola hampton

Shanola drops by the show to talk Shameless, how she got the role, what season 1 was like, how production on season 2 is coming and a whole lot more! Shanola talks about the movie she shot in between seasons 1 and 2 of Shameless, working with her amazing cast on Shameless, and how closely the writers are following the British version of the show that the series is based on.

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Follow Shanola on Twitter (@ShanolaHampton) and tune in to Showtime to catch reruns of Shameless season 1 and look out for season 2 this January! A great podcast for any fan of Shameless and if you’ve never seen the show get your ass to iTunes ASAP and quite living under that F’n rock!

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