A Shot of Yager: w/ MTV’s Derrick Kosinski from The Challenge


Derrick Kosinski is one of the most recognizable stars from the Real World/Road Rules franchise, and is a three time challenge champion. A veteran of competitions like Battle of the Sexes, The Inferno, The Duel, Fresh Meat, and the Island just to name a few, Derrick has become a household name to fans of the MTV franchise. I must admit that over the years I have become enamored with the series, serving as a combination of sports and reality TV, combining the athletic ability with straight up drinkin’ and drama! Derrick continues to take part in the challenges but has also reinvented himself as a commentator of sorts as well. With ambitions of being a host in the world of television and radio, Derrick has grabbed the bull by the horns and begun producing his own show, which instantly became a hit among fans of the MTV Challenges. Lord knows that I can respect his path to podcasting, as you all know that less than a year ago I decided to do the same thing.


Earlier this week our paths crossed for the first time as Derrick joined me for a great episode of A Shot of Yager where we talk about his road to Road Rules, some of his past teammates, his podcast and a whole lot more. Whether you are a fan of the Challenges or not this podcast is a must listen as Derrick is a young, fun energetic guy who loves to speak his mind. Check out The Derrick Kosinski Podcast on iTunes and remember to follow Derrick on Twitter. Also be sure to check out A Shot of Yager’s new home!

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