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The Campus Socialite is the leading voice for all things college and has amassed a loyal following of thousands of students and alumni nationwide.  With a unique, eclectic mix of writers, The Campus Socialite offers a comprehensive outlook on a wide range of topics spanning from everyday advice to sports and entertainment news as well as the latest trends in arts and technology. As our reach steadily grows, The Campus Socialite promises to be a major player in the web community and connect student audiences with the content they crave every time they get behind the keyboard.

In our brief history, The Campus Socialite has branched out into specialty avenues including The Campus Diva and The Campus Tycoon.  These sites, along with many of our partner blogs are tailor-fit for specific segments of our audience looking to find unique perspectives from writers whose work is dedicated to piquing their interest. We also proudly feature exclusive, in-depth interviews with some of today’s rising stars in the entrepreneurial world. Each of their stories promises to provide an authentic, case by case look into how young adults make their presence felt in their respective industry. Our goal is to become the premiere source for young businesspeople interested in reading the success stories of their contemporaries and discovering what it takes to develop their own brand in the ever-changing academic and social atmosphere.

The chief priority of our blog is to ensure that every reader that logs onto The Campus Socialite stays well-informed not only on national breaking news and pop culture stories, but also the events taking place in their own backyard on each of their individual campuses. With networks at Arizona State, George Washington, Hofstra, Syracuse, Miami, Minnesota, UNLV, San Francisco, and USC, The Campus Socialite is equipped to take the genuine, local pulse of many different universities across the country. The minds behind the Campus Socialite understand that our readers are some of the brightest individuals of their generation and are with that in mind, we strive to publish only the finest content that will keep you intrigued in the classroom, dorm room, bedroom, office, or anywhere you log on. Thanks for reading…

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