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We at Campus Socialite Media believe that College is your introductory course to the real world – a time to learn the ways of the world, and how to best to succeed in your environment.  There are many lessons learned and experiences to be had.  But there is one important lesson that they don’t teach you.  College doesn’t prepare you for the life that comes along with success.  How are you supposed to act in a position of power?  This is where we come in.   You should be in the know, and reading The Campus Socialite will give you the information and knowledge you need to one up everyone else around you.  If college is the test drive, then we will have you cruising in the back seat of a Bentley, not asking for jumper cables in your grandmother’s Oldsmobile.

Listen, if your going to get an education in college and learn how to rule the world, then it would be wise to get comfortable in the position of power.

To Quote Gordon Gekko of the movie Wall Street, which we will probably do a lot in this Blog, “Greed is Good!”  “Greed captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit.”  So take his advice, go get what they say you shouldn’t have; enjoy life’s pleasantries.  Taste the forbidden fruit, we won’t tell on you.

We are going to show you the hottest gadgets that you need to have, the best investments you should be on top of, the finest restaurants at campuses across the country, the nicest hotels when you visit your friends (if you haven’t found a bed to sleep in at the bar that night), the pimpest frat houses, and the wildest party scenes across the country.  If it’s sick, and its something we think you need to know about, then were going to bring it your attention damn it!

To do all this we need your help.  If you think you have the flyest dorm room in college, tell us about it, send pictures, write a story.  You think you got the hottest car on campus, bullshit, prove it.  If you have a great party story to tell, a great gadget you used, or your sporting an exclusive pair of kicks, let us know.  Had a delicious meal last night, write a review.

And for you College Grads, who knows these campuses better than you?  This is your opportunity to educate the youth of America with the REAL stuff you learned at college.
I won’t leave out you HIGHschool kids either.  You want to know about the average class sizes on campus, go read Princeton Review.  If you want to know where to eat, where to party, and the true list of shit to pack for college, look no further.

Bottom line, they say you can’t have your cake and eat it too.  Bullshit!  Who the hell get’s a cake and doesn’t eat it!

Stay Classy,

The Campus Socialite Crew

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