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By: Scott Roth

According to reports, Kal Penn from “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle” was robbed at gunpoint early this morning while walking in a neighborhood in Washington D.C.

A law enforcement source says Penn claims a man carrying a gun approached him around 1:20 AM and took his wallet and other personal property. Penn immediately reported the incident to authorities, who have launched an investigation into the matter. Marijuana usage and a trip to White Castle were not reported in the incident.

Sources tell us that Snooki has parted ways with her boyfriend Emilio after learning he auditioned for the Real World. Snooki claims he was using her for her fame to spawn his own reality show career.

The Jersey Shore star has been seen with the boyfriend for months after the first season concluded. Despite Snooki supposedly being “madly in love” she made the move to publicly oust her then boyfriend.

Emilio’s response to TMZ is one that would make the editors of The Campus Socialite cringe. Give a look for yourself.

“All I know is she was upset that I tried out for The Real World. Next I know I wake up [Monday] morning and facebook says I’m single. And if Facebook says it, then it must be so.”

With that, we anxiously await his appearance on a future season of the Tool Academy.

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