Adidas and Diesel Team Up To Create My Newest Pair of Kicks

I’m not sure if you know this about me, but I tend to go against the grain: everybody buys Nike, I go Adidas. It’s just the way I’ve always been. Sometimes it’s hard considering that I walk into Foot Locker and see an entire wall of Dunks, and then a little boxed off section for Adidas Originals. But now, worlds have collided, and Diesel has released 6 crazy new pairs of Adidas Kicks.

The sneakers range from stylishly colorful to studded, dark, and vintage. So there’s something for everybody! Let’s go from one end of the spectrum to the other.


ZX 700 Wheat

This is my first choice of shoe to buy from the collection. These babies are pretty straightforward, aside from the neon orange suede at the toe and heel, but I’m a big fan of some color. The idea is to draw people into looking at my feet and complimenting the kicks, so these would definitely get the job done. Besides, I think orange is a color I haven’t tapped yet. I’m way bigger on blues and yellows.


ZX700 Poiak

Now you can kinda tell that these shoes were designed by Diesel. The addition of a zipped pocket to the tongue is definitely not a normal Adidas inclusion. Maybe it’s actually functional as a weird stash pocket? Not exactly sure, but it’s interesting nonetheless. Green isn’t my color though.


Centennial MID

And now things start to get really weird. I can’t deny that midtops are my jam, but these are definitely leaning towards the flashier side of things. Diesel claims that they were inspired by old worker boots, and I can definitely see that with all of the vintage dirtiness and tan toe-liner, but they’re just so…orange. Plus, the famous “3 stripes” in studs? Kinda strange. On the upside, the inside is suede treated with camouflage effect (not pictured), which sounds kinda dope.


Stan Smith Mid Treated

And now we’re in full-on Diesel territory. Aged and treated leather, stripes in multicolored studs…these kicks are bordering on shoes, and not very nice ones either. They’re supposed to look like hand-made Italian boots, but I don’t think you’ll ever find any self-respecting Italian wearing them. Sorry Diesel, this one is a fail.


Stan Smith Treated

For some reason, the low-top version of the Stan Smiths are a little bit more tasteful than their mid counterpart. Maybe it’s just because I imagine a different kind of person wearing these. Maybe it’s the slight reduction in height and amount of vintage, treated leather. Maybe I’m just being crazy. Whatever the case, these are nicer than their bigger brethren – I still wouldn’t be caught wearing them.


Forum Mid Leather Jacket

Here’s where things take an interesting turn. This shoe is more in the style of Diesel than any of the others. They say it was inspired by London Punk, but it really just looks like anything you’d normally find at a Diesel store. Draped in layers upon layers of black leather, covered in metallic studs, and flourished with a useless zipper, this is the type of shoe that a modern day Fonzie-character would wear. Definitely not my style, but I won’t stop you from getting a pair.

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