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Adriana Lima in a $2 Million Dollar Bra …..(BroBible)

8 Most Infamous Killer Prostitutes of All Time …..(Ranker)

Man Question Answered: Why Girls Travel in Packs …..(On Campus Drama)

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Funniest Condom Commercials From Around the World …..(Leftos)

What You Don’t Want Your Ex To Say About You On Their Facebook Status …..(Blame It On The Voices)

32 Ageless Celebs, Or They Just Have A Really Good Plastic Surgeon …..(DJ Mick)

Cherry Pie Eater? Sexy Nemo? The Worst “Sexy” Halloween Costumes ……(Funny Crave)

James Harrison Of The Pittsburgh Steelers Gets Fined $75K For Hit …..(Thunder Treats)

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