The strange duo of Cuci Amador and Tony Smurphio call themselves “avant-dance,” and I would say that’s a pretty solid description of their music and live performance. Together they are Afrobeta, and have been on a tear across America for the past few years, hitting all the biggest festivals and getting themselves into the spotlight of the dance scene.


But let’s take a step back to see how this duo came to be. Cuci Amador, an actress, singer, and all-around performer, teamed up with keyboardist and producer Smurphio, a man of big talent and bigger hair, back in 2006, when they decided that they wanted to pioneer a new form of artistic self-expression in dance music. For too long music has remained detached from visual artistry, and it’s those two elements that Afrobeta tries to incorporate into not only their music videos, but their live show as well.


This unique style of abstraction hearkens to the days of art rock like Genesis, and even finds similarities in pop musician and complete crazy person Lady Gaga. But what Gaga translates into popularity, Afrobeta does for the sake of it.


So when the two Miami natives came together, it only made sense that theirs was to be a project that built a natural, grassroots community. An endless touring schedule defined by deep bass grooves, catchy synth lines, Cuci’s vocals and lyrics, coupled with light shows, video projections, and the duo’s otherworldly pageantry, emblazoned the name Afrobeta into the minds of hundreds of thousands of festival-goers.


In the past two years, Afrobeta has had high-profile performances at the 40th Anniversary Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts, Burning Man, Fall Fashion week in New York, Ultra Brazil, Space Ibiza, Camp Bisco, the 12th and 13th annual Ultra Music Festival, and most recently the IDentity Festival tour, which took place in 20 cities across North America.


They released their first feature length album “Under The Streets” this past summer, and the video of “Play House” which you can watch above. Check them out on the Blitz & Beatz Tour!

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