I’ve had this ongoing discussion with my friends “what would be the best concert line up of all time?” This argument can be put to rest because I’ve witnessed the GREATEST LINEUP OF ALL TIME. Fact me on that. As working for The Campus Socialite and being the MAN I was able to go see Afrojack, Quintino, R3hab at Pacha. I don’t want to seem cliche but it was one of the greatest shows I have ever been able to witness. The person who surprised me the most was Quintino, he legitimatly gave me chills every time the bass dropped. When R3hab came on at 3am he came with full force and I got my second wind for raging. The highlight of the night was when the biggest name in EDM, Afrojack came out. The crowd was deafening and it was well deserved, he is one of the real EDM artists whose skills are unmatched by anyone else in the scene, he also made my face melt when he dropped “Let’s Make Nasty.” Don’t believe me check out a few of these pictures from the event.