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By: Geoff Smith

Ok, so you are playing some Mortal Kombat with your buddies, nailing all those crazy fatalities and really kicking some ass. After about 20 minutes, you are in a dead sweat, and all you want is a nice cold beverage. Until I found this item today, you would usually have to pause the game (or pass the sticks) and go to the fridge to pour yourself a nice frosty (insert beer who would like to sponsor us).

Well, thanks to the boys over at Allstarcade in California, that delicious beer you crave is now located right beneath the controls. Their product: the Arkeg, it’s purpose: to serve up beer at the same place you play your arcade games. The Arkeg comes pre-loaded with 69 games, including classics like Paperboy, Asteroids, Rampage, Spy Hunter, and a real hidden gem for me: Marble Madness. According to the website:, the arcade system currently has 16,000 registered games to buy and play, but, “should you choose to transfer and upload all the old Genesis cartridges hiding in your Mom’s attic, your new Arkeg will play them. Arkeg can fit them all, plus a few thousand songs off your iPod”.

That’s right, it will also play songs off of your iPod, or any audio or visual file for that matter. Featuring a 24” HD screen, a 2.1 HD surround sound audio system, and also featuring a slide-out keyboard and two USB jacks, the Arkeg can store and play any file that your iPod can handle. You can also buy accessories, such as a console controller (a lot like the original PlayStation controller) and personalized signs to cover the Arkeg with. This godsend is any Campus Socialite’s dream as just a game system.

Aha, but lest we forget, this beauty also has a beer tap, too. The Arkeg can hold a 5-gallon Cornelius keg. Not the same as your average house party keg, the Cornelius keg is slimmer, and holds only 55 beers. However, all things considered, those are 55 beers that you do not have to walk somewhere for. Using a CO2 pressure system, much like bars do, the Arkeg has a tap on the side of the system that pour the beer into any frosty mug you choose. Featuring additional spill racks, which also double as your beer holder, the Arkeg allows you to enjoy the two best things about college: beer and video games (sorry, girls, you are a close third) at the same time!

Now, as sweet as this all sounds, the Arkeg does come with a hefty price: $3,999 bucks. Yep, for about four grand (not including the CO2 costs, keg costs, and accessories), this entertainment monster is only for the serious fraternity/baller house. So, while we dream about owning the Arkeg, we will have to stick to the classic way to drink and play video games: get up and move to the fridge (just make sure you call 5’s on the seat).

*Thanks to G. Lapidus for bringing this to our attention

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