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It is obvious that every college city has their one big kicker every year. Austin, however, has many, and one of the biggest will be going on this week. I always thought when I got to college Halloween would be staying at the dorm with kids being allowed to come through and trick or treat at our doors. The main reason for this is because this was my sister’s experience when she was in college. Upon my first year here at UT, I found out this was not the case at all. It was more of a whole week of preparation for one weekend of fun craziness. It isn’t only the students who get in on the fun. The professors also dress up around Halloween. I actually saw my Chemistry professor wearing a Spaak costume.

So exactly what separates Austin from all the other campuses around the nation. The first, obvious thing is the amount of Greek life parties that go on in West Campus. Halloween seems to be the one time of year where they will let anyone into their party. This is the best way to get an idea of what goes on during the regular school year where you are practically begging a bouncer to let you into the party. The set ups for this are ridiculous. I have friends who are in a fraternity planning a Halloween party and it has been weeks in the making. If you can’t get into one party you still have good chances of getting into another. Worst-case scenario, you just crash one of the many parties that are not Greek life.

The second thing that makes Austin the place to be for Halloween is the fact that Sixth Street will be overflowing with costumes all weekend. This seems like it would be more of a hindrance than anything but it is actually the quite opposite. Sixth street is the place to go see the most innovative and creative costumes. Last year I got to see a guy and his girlfriend dress up like Ash and Pikachu. This sounds like it would be like any other costume but she took a page from the movie Mean Girls and just wore pointed yellow ears and a kind of skanky dress. The best costume that I have seen to date however is a working condom machine. This guy came up to my friends and me and tells us to push a button and when we did a condom came out of a slot. Definitely something I will never forget. Also, with Sixth Street so packed, chances of you getting into a 21 and over club or bar are highly increased. There are usually only two bouncers at each door with hundreds of people trying to get in. The possibility of getting into the bar just increased.

These reasons alone make Austin the place to be on Halloween weekend. This just gets me pumped for the weekend ahead.


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