An Interview with Callum Ng: College Entrepreneur and Athlete

This week, our friends at bring you this interview with the extraordinary Callum Ng – A Canadian who balanced college, two businesses, and the Youth Olympics.


Here’s the best way to sum up Callum Ng: If your girlfriend cheated on you with Callum, you’d pretty much have to just say “That’s understandable” and move on.

A former member of the Canadian National Swim Team, Callum majored in philosophy at the University of British Columbia and owns two profitable businesses at the age of 25: Green Grads, an environmentally friendly exterior cleaning service, and NG Farrell Marketing, a sports marketing agency. He recently earned a master’s degree in business management, was named Canada’s Young Ambassador to Singapore for the 2010 Youth Olympic Games and taught Justin Bieber how to mack. That last part is a complete guess, but I suppose it’s possible.

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