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And the Slashie Award goes to… Tempe12 Model ASU’s Courtney Sheber (Exclusive Interview)

Welcome to The Campus Socialite’s inaugural installment of “Slashie” award.  For those of you not familiar with Zoolander terminology (if you aren’t then go rent the film immediately and shame on you for missing out on the definitive fashion comedy of our time), “slashie” is a term used to define an individual who excels in more than one skill or trade.  In Zoolander, we see Fabio bring home the hardware award at the VH1 Fashion Awards for best Actor/Model (“and not the other way around”), and thus marked a watershed moment in the world of really, really ridiculously good-looking people.

Now that you are familiar with the origin of the “slashie,” let’s not waste any more time getting to our debut hottie, Courtney Sheber, a Junior Tempe12 model at Arizona State.  Don’t let her sun-devilishly stunning looks fool you, Courtney is a student/model and is a whole lot more than just a gorgeous face and knockout body.  Read on to find out more about The Campus Socialite’s newest friend and the pride of Tempe – Courtney Sheber.

Courtney’s Stats

ASU, Class of 2011

Height: 5’5”

Weight: 110 lbs.

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Green

Major: Dance and Business

So, Courtney, in the interest of full disclosure let me just get something off my chest before we get underway.  I’ve done a bit of modeling myself for BlogBoy, a little known publication that showcases the hottest bloggers from around the country.  It never fully made it to newsstands or even to the Internet, but let’s just say I understand the demands of being in the spotlight.  With that being said, how did you get your start in modeling?  Did someone discover you or did you pursue a modeling career?

I used to do a little bit of modeling when I was younger as well as acting classes, but never really committed to it because of the lack of time I had as a competitive gymnast. Although modeling had always been a dream of mine, so when I came to college I started taking up some of the opportunities I was offered, such as Tempe12, and have been working at it ever since!

I see that you are studying Dance and Business, that’s not a very common major and leaves me wondering just how those two connect.  When I think of dance and business, my mind immediately travels to Demi Moore in the erotic comedy, Striptease, but I am sure you have something entirely different and less perverted in mind.  Please share with our readers just what type of career you plan on pursuing with your dance and business knowledge?

Dance has always been my biggest passion and something I have loved since I was three years old. My dream is to open my own dance studio. I figure what could be better than doing what I love every single day and teaching it to other people? With that being said, when I started at ASU I decided the best way to do that was to also major in business to better understand the marketing, finance, and well, business side of things.   

You are a member of the Arizona State Tempe 12 – the elite women of the nationwide college scene.  Tempe 12 girls aren’t simply “dimes or perfect 10s,” they possess that extra something special that goes beyond their looks and solidifies as them the best of the best.  What do you feel is your defining quality that sets you apart from all the other pretty faces?

I think what surprises a lot of people is that I’m very down to earth and humble. I work extremely hard at everything I do and appreciate all the people I’ve met as well as everything I’ve been given. At the end of the day I feel like I really understand that life isn’t all about looks or materialistic things; it’s about being successful, happy, and  valuing family and friends.

How close are you with the other Tempe 12 girls?  Do you, for instance, ever have slumber parties or practice kissing on one another like I imagine in my dreams?

I wish I could make your fantasies come true, but unfortunately, not quite. The other girls and I are pretty close though. We’ve traveled to Vegas together, done multiple photo shoots, promotional events, you name it. They are definitely a fun group of girls and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know each of them.  

Arizona State is known as hands down, the home of the sexiest college girls in the entire country.  The Tempe 12 is a collection of the finest women that the American higher education system has to offer.  Since you are the Arizona State representative of the Tempe 12, does this establish you as the hottest college student in America?

Well said, but I think I will leave that up to your readers. I would have to agree that Arizona State does hold up to its reputation of sexiest college girls. No comparison! 

Your Facebook fan page has accumulated nearly 50,000 followers.  To put this into perspective, you have more fans than Victoria’s Secret supermodels Marisa Miller and Giselle Bundchen combined.  Are you ever just amazed at the immense number of people that love your work and do you interact with your fans?

Actually, yes. It is amazing to have so much support and to be able to grow the fan page as I continue my work.  I’ve tried to give fans a personal look at my life and the things I do on a day to day basis, as well as share modeling photos and news. I try to write back to my fans as much as I can and I have recently started doing a live, online web show which allows fans to ask questions and find out more about me. 

I have to ask, partially because I am curious and partially because I need to know what not to say later on, what is the most absurd pickup line you have heard from a guy?  How did you react?

“Is that Windex you’re wearing cause I can see myself in your pants.” At this point, I closed my eyes, pretended that didn’t just happen, and walked away. I had no words.  

Like any good reporter, I did my research on you prior to this interview.  Much to my delight, I read that your most embarrassing moment happened when you were cheering at a football game and your top fell off in front of the crowd.  Wow, so many things to like here… first off, it makes you exponentially sexier that you are a football fan and were cheering hard enough to lose your shirt.  Something tells me that you drew some attention away from the action on the field.  How did you handle such an awesome dilemma like being topless among a crowd of rabid sports fans?

Well, considering I had just turned right side up from doing a back handspring, I didn’t have much time to think. I basically pulled the top back up, gave the crowd a thumbs up, and said “Go Huskies”.  

Below we have a picture of your personalized beer pong table – that is some fine craftsmanship.  It sure beats the splintered piece of plywood that I used to play on in my college days.  Can we assume that since you put your picture on a pong table that you are a party girl and know how to have a good time?

I always say, “work hard, play hard.” I think it’s important to let my hair down on the weekends and I definitely enjoy a good game of pong or flip cup with the best of ‘em. Pool parties are my expertise!

Where are some of your favorite places to party at ASU?  Is there one particular event during the school year that you look forward to most?

My favorite places to party at ASU range from Mill, to Oak Street, to the Delta Chi house. I would say the top two events I look forward to most during the year are the Tempe12 pool party at the Sheridan Hotel and Sigma Chi’s Hallowrave come Halloween time.

Let’s just clear the air and potentially crush all of our male readers’ dreams right now.  Are you currently dating anyone and if so is he physically imposing (enough to beat up the average dude who tries to fight him in a failed effort to impress you)?

Yes, I am dating someone and he is physically imposing to say the least. There is no doubt in my mind he could knock some people up if he had to, but he’s very easy going and has more friends than Tom on Myspace.

Other than contributing to a nationally recognized, college-themed blog, what are the key attributes that you look for in your ideal man?

The first thing I look for is someone who can really make me laugh. I look for someone with big goals and dreams who is not afraid to go after them. I also like a guy who can stand up for himself and have enough confidence to not feel jealous of other people. Most importantly, I’m attracted to someone who can appreciate the ups and downs of life. Being tall, athletic and having a gorgeous smile wouldn’t hurt either.

Courtney, this has been a delight, truly the most pleasurable interview I have ever been a part of.  To wrap up, can you offer the aspiring models (male and female) out there some advice on how to find similar success to what you have attained.

The most important thing is believing in yourself. If you want something you have to take risks, sometimes fail, and learn from your mistakes. Overall, I would just say to stay open minded, make connections with people, and be thankful for every opportunity you get because you never know where it could end up taking you.

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