Anthony Davis Bringing Back the Unibrow

Freshman Anthony Davis of Kentucky has taken the college basketball nation by storm. Davis will certainly be a top 5 if not the number 1 overall pick in the upcoming NBA Draft. His talent is unquestioned, but what has us talking, and interested, is the unibrow.

It started out as a small story amongst bloggers and forum discussions in Kentucky hoop circles. Slowly the unibrow is gaining momentum throughout the country, being compared to the creepy character Margaret McPoyle from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The unibrow even has its own twitter handler (@ADUnibrow).

For those who haven’t taken notice of Davis and the unibrow, be prepared with Selection Sunday, less than a week a way. Kentucky visited the Florida Gators over the weekend and the crowd let him have it with some hilarious posters, knowing full well Kentucky might be the team to beat when all is said and done.